Thursday, October 06, 2005

Famous Persian Americans

Catherine Bell plays in TV serial JAG. She is Persian-American with British and Persian origin. She has a typical Persian phenotype even she is partly British.

Other Famous Persian singers in US are Anousheh Khalili and Nooshafarin


  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Thanks for saying the true history that some people don't want to hear.

  2. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I am not Azeri. I am Persian. Don't call me an "Azeri Filmmaker". I can't speak Azeri. I wasn't even raised in Azerbaijan. Besides, Eran was the name of the Iranian Transcaucasia before it was lost to the Russians in the 19th century and subsequently named Azerbaijan. Stop segregating people. Iran is divided enough as it is or haven't you noticed? The Sarmatians and the Ossetians (descendants of the Alans) are all said to have spoken an Indo-Iranian language not Indo-Persian because there is no such thing. The Alans and the Scythians are said to have been tall, fair-skinned and blond. Even the Cimmerians are said to have been either Persian or Thracian. Most historical accounts suggest the former more so than the latter. I am appalled that so many people who claim to be Persian do not consider themselves to be white. Read people! We are no different than Europeans. The West want us to believe we are not white - don't you see? Not all Europeans are blond or tall does that make them non-white? Not necessarily. The same applies to the people of Iran. Some look Arabic and others may look Mongolian because they have some Arabic and/or Mongolian ancestory. We're all mixed. There is no pure race. I know what I am and I don't need Oslonor or, better yet, Os-LONER to label me Azeri. I've said it before and I will repeat it as many times as I need to - Azeris are Aryans which means they are WHITE. Persians are Aryans which means they are WHITE. The nomadic tribes who spread throughout Iran from Central Asia/ Russian steppes/Northern Europe were Nordic i.e. Aryan people. I won't say Caucasian because Osloner will have a fit. He doesn't believe Caucasians are white because North Africans are also considered to be Caucasian. What Oslonor doesn't realize is that North Africans have white blood in them not only because of the Alans who settled there but because other Europeans mixed with the North Africans. It's a known fact that the Egyptians are not Arabs even though they speak Arabic and have intermarried with Arabs over the years.

  3. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Noosh afarin is from afghanistan?
    i thought she is Turkish.

  4. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Letz build afghan empire to show them all real afghan power.

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Of corse Noosh afarin is from afghanistan, you idiot turk.

  6. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Hey people, let me make one thing very, very clear:Nooshafarin is NOT from Afghanistan! She was born in Tehran, Iran. She wouldn't mind your misunderstaning, though. She does like Afghanistan, and maybe her music is popular there. But, I am more interested in helping her popularity "branch-out" beyond the borders of the mid-east and her language.

    If music is a universal language, there is no reason why she can't be as famous as any hollywood star! Besides, I happen to know that she has plans to give hollywood a try; she wants to get in the movies. And, who knows, maybe a beautiful and open-minded woman like her could help abolish the misleading mid-eastern stereo-types which Hollywood has created.

    In-case you weren't aware, Nooshafarin was once a very graet actress and model, back in 1970s' Iran, even before she became a singer.

    To learn more about her, please visit her official fan-site (the only one approved by Nooshafarin hersef!) at the link below:

    Nooshafarin's Online Fanclub

  7. Anonymous9:52 PM

    By the way, with all due respect, I certainly hope this is not a racist blog, in which case, Nooshafarin SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED!

    I am almost certain she would be against such racism/predjudice!

  8. Anonymous11:07 PM

    To: Moderator Nooshafarin

    No. We are definitely anti-racist and oppose anybody who is trying to use racism against Persians as some people are trying to do in Hollywood by stereotyping Persians.

  9. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Afghan soldier, you have alot of nerve calling us Turks idiots. Look at your country, you are the idiots. If it was not for the Uzbeks you would be complete and utter idiots.

  10. are aryan´s

    Catherine Bell is beatifull :D

  11. Anonymous11:13 AM

    azeris aren't aryans or persians bud sorry you're not white you're mixed iran is the country where the aryans migrated to not azerbaijan dank u come again

  12. Anonymous7:58 PM

    "Dank you come again?"...Persians aren't Indian you Red-neck, inbred, uneducated fat ass!!!! Why don't you go squeal like a pig....dumbass!!

  13. Anonymous7:59 PM

    I don't understand why racist pigs are even on this site?!?!