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Welcome to Persians and Hollywood. My name is Oslonor and I live in California with my Persian wife. I am not Iranian myself but I am interested about Iran's history and culture. If you want to know how I look like, I found this picture on the internet which looks like me very much. So I am using this picutre.

This blog is about "How Persians are portrayed in Hollywood films". The number of visitors to this blog has been around 20.000 people from 103 countries. You can see different kind of statistics displayed on different related blogs.
We are discussing the origin of Persians and how Persians are portrayed in Hollywood as dark looking Afro-arabian terrorist. We want to define the question of ethnic groups in Iran and clear some misconceptions about Iran.
This blog is not about who is white, black or yellow or green.
"This blog is about WHY Hollywood uses an entirely different ethnic group to represent Persians. Hollywood uses Azeri Turks and even Black Africans to represent Persians. In the movie 300, Hollywood uses Africans to portray Persians. At the same time if anybody raises any objections to their methods is called racist!!!!!"
Iran has been known is the land of Aryans. But not all citizens of Iran have aryan origin. The current regime in Tehran is trying to capitalize on Iran's past history and President Ahmadinejad of Iran is presented as a typical "Persian Aryan". We like to clear these questions and point out what kind of ethnic groups live in Iran and who is running Iran today.

Iran is a multi ethnic country and the nationals or citizens of Iran are called Iranians. Iranian does not have any ethnic or racial significance as anybody could be Iranian. It is not possible to generalize about the image of an Iranian. Generally in Western mass media an Iranian is associated with the image of Azeri Turks who are a major ethnic group in Iran. President Ahmadinejad of Iran is an Azeri Turk and has a typical Azeri Turk phenotype.

Before Proceeding further we suggest that you visit the sidebar on the right on this page and view the phenotype slideshow for major ethnic groups in Iran. Also see the trailer for Oliver Stone "Alexaner" and see a real Persian, Shermin Shahrivar, Miss Europe 2005. This way the rest of blog
is placed in a real context. Also You can click on any of the pictures on this blog and see a bigger picture.

Iran and Persia are two different names: Iran has two names. Iran and Persia. These two names do not mean the same thing. Iran is the name of a country. Persia is both a country and the name of an ethnicity in Iran. Not all Iranians are Persians. Iran has many ethnic groups as its citizens. Those are Arabs, Assyrians, Jews, Turcomens and Azeris, Kurds, Baluchs and Persians.

The Persians have subdivision as Lurs, Bakhtiaris, Gilaki, Mazandranis etc. Iran points to a country but not a race. There is no "Iranian race". Iran is a state. Iran is not a nation. Persian and Kurds and Azeris, Baluch, Turcomans etc are nations. The misunderstanding about the name of Iran comes from Europe where the states are nations too, example: Germany and Germans or British and Britain. But Iran and Iranians are not the same thing. Iranian is similar to an American from any ethnic background.

The Persian aryans who migrated to Iran around 2000 BC found the country populated by different local civilizations. The Persian language was accepted by these locals through elite substition of the Persian language. These natives are considered as Persians in Iran but they have different origins.

Some natives of Iran who are Persian speakers are related to the civilization of Mesopotemia. Other Persian speakers are related to other local civilizations in different parts of Iran such as Kashan, Kerman or Jiroft or Elam. These natives of Iran lived in Iran before the migrating Persian Aryans arrived in Iran.

So Persians are divided into two groups. Ethnic Persians and Persians speakers. Ethnic persians who were the leaders and founders of the Persian Empire are completely ignored by Hollywood. Instead Hollywood always employs actors with Azeri Turks looking features and presents them to the public as Persians. Azeri Turks are major ethnic group in Iran. This blog tries to clear that misconception promoted by Hollywood and specially in Oliver Stone "Alexander". There are no light skinned or dark skinned "Iranians". There is no such people called "Iranian" in Iran. Iran is a multi-ethnic country. Iranian simply means a citizen of Iran. Iran defines a geographic location and not a race.

There are no African looking Swedes. Neither there are any Afro-Arabian, big nose, curly hair, connected eyebrows Persians. Those people are Persian speakers and not ethnic Persians.

Also in common usage, Iranian refers to an Azeri Turk. Persians identify themselves as Persians and not Iranians. That is why Azeri Turks are trying to confuse people and always write Iranian/Persian to mean those are the same people. That is not correct and Persian is not the same thing as Iranian.

Main Ethnic Division in Iran: Population 70 Million

Core Persians or ethnic Persians %10 of Iran
(Original Migrating Aryan tribes such as Persians, Parthians,Sogdians, Bactrians, Scythians) (Nordic Types)

Persian Speakers %30-%35 of Iran
(Includes Natives of Iran with native origin and civilization such as Kashan, Jiroft, elam etc) (Mainly Cro-magnid Types)

Azeri Turks Iranians %40 of Iran - ca.30 million
(Originating from Oghuz Turks mainly from 15 century A.D. in Iran)(Mainly Armenoid Types)

According to CIA Factbook: Estimates other groups are:

Gilaki and Mazandarani 8%,
Kurd 7%,
Arab 3%,
Lur 2%,
Baloch 2%,
Turkmen 2%,
other 1%

Hollywood uses Racism: The mixing up of these two names Iran/Persia and Iranian/Persian is the source of many misconceptions and Hollywood uses this confusion to downplay the heritage of Persians by focusing on the Azeri Turk Iranian part of the population of Iran and presenting it as the real Persians. It also tries to prove that "Iranian" is a mixture of Arabs and Africans and the Aryan race is a myth in Iran. None of the ethnic nationalities in Iran are mixed with Arabs or Africans according to genetic research. Persia had never had any slave trade as Arabs did and the Arab invasion of Persian in the 6 century A.D. is exaggerated to show that Iranians are actually Arabs. Arab invasion of 20.000 army had practically no genetic impact on Iran.

Azeri Turks a major ethnic group in Iran have lived in Iran mainly since 15 A.D. They were not in Persia at the time of Persian Empire around 500 BC which is 2000 years earlier, and they are ethnically related to Turks and not to Persians. Currently Azeri Turks control the government in Iran. Persians have no role or a very minor role in the Iranian government. Outside Iran many people mistake Azeri Turks for Persians as all citizens of Iran are called Iranians. But Azeri Turks are fundamentally a different ethnic group from Persians. On the other hand many Azeri Turks use even the label of Persian to associate themselves with the Persian historical heritage.

DNA Research: According to DNA research the gene marker for an Arab is Haplogroup Type EU10. None of Iranians that is Persians and Azeris do not have EU10. So Iranians are definitely not Arabs. But there some features related to Azeri appearance that looks semitic that is used by Hollywood to depict the Persians as Afro-Arabs. Azeris may have hooked noses or connecting eye brows or special hair texture.

The main difference between an Azeri and a Persians is that Azeris have oval face and Persians have long narrow faces. Also culturally Persians and Azeris are different. Persians and other natives of Persia were followers of Zoarastrians ancient religion. Azeris have never been Zoarastrian. And this is a very fundamental difference. Azeri Turks have a turkish culture from Caucasus. Persians and other natives of Iran have a central asian culture.

Persians and Azeris: Officially Persians ar %50 of the population and Azeris are %25 of the population of Iran with 70 million people. But the reality is Azeris are %35-%40 of Iran. Ethnic Persians are %10 of the population. Persian speakers are about %35 of the population. The Azeri Turk group actually controls the government in Iran and represent a majority of the population in Tehran. More than %60-%70 of Tehran are Azeri Turks and number is growing on a daily basis. Persians are a minority in Iran even Iran is identified with Persia and Iran is not a Persian country but a country run by Azeri Turks. This fact clearly deviates from the standard conceptions about Iran.

Hollywood and Racism: Hollywood always mixes up Persians with Iranians presenting these two are the same people. That is not correct. An Iranian can be a Persian but it is not necessarily a Persian. These techniques of Hollywood on how Persians are portrayed in films is a part of the bigger problem how some people with positions of power are trying to use racism to promote their own agenda in US. Persians have no problems with ordinary Azeris. And Persians are not responsible for how Azeris look like. But Persians have to explain why Hollywood is bypassing the Persians and present Azeris as the real Persians. Persians are Non-Racist people and are exactly the ideals that Hollywood claims to promote. But Hollywood by depicting Azeris as Persians in their films is promoting racism against all Iranians.

"Persians" Hollywood Style

Rosari Dawson to the left is supposed to play a Persian girl similar to Roxana the Persian Princess in in "Alexander" by OliverStone. Shermin Shahrivar who was Miss Germany in 2005. Shermine is the dark hair girl on the right. Rosarie Dawson is partly african.
In reality the real Roxana was a Persian princess from Sogdia or Bactria and who may have been as light haired as Alexander. Sogdia and Bactria is a north eastern area of Persia in today's Afghanistan and central Asia.

Rosarie Dawson does not show any similarity to a Persian Princess. Why a partly African actor plays a Persian girl? Are Africans some way related to Persians. As we will see Hollywood thinks so and consistently portrays Persians as Afro-Arabians using Azeri Turk actors.

Other errors in the film are Persians are depicted as Arabs using Morrocan actors. Also North East Persians are sometimes depicted as mongols or Turks. There were no mongols or Turks in Central Asia at this time and this area was inhabitted by Persians who were European looking people similar to Greeks or similar to how Afghanis look like today in North Eastern Afghanistan. Mongols and Turks invaded central Asia at least 1000 years later. Also Alexander going into Persia is depicted as if Greece was a high level civilization going into some nomad land. The reality is Greece was a small colony in Persia for 100's of years before Alexander invasion and Persia and Greece were equal in the level of technology and civilization.

The term "Barbarian" is used in the film to describe Persians. For Greeks "Barbarian" meant somebody who did not speak Greek language. It did not mean savage. But in "Alexander" the term "Barbarians" is used to denote savages. This sounds very strange as Oliver Stone had used very professional historians in the creation of the film. So Alexander was not going to Morrocco as the impression given by the film but Alexander was going to San Francicso if using a contemporary anology. Later Alexander declared himself the King of Persia and not the King of Greece. That indicates that Alexander considered Greece as a colony of Persia and not Persia as a colony of Greece. This was even after Persia was conquered and this indicates the level of Persian civilization. Alexander's capital was Babylon in Persia. Alexander adopted the Persian nobility dress and traditions and customs and ordered his generals to to so. He also appointed Persians to high office levels which caused revolt among his generals.

Alexander covers the period of Persian history a 1000 years before islamic period in the Persian history and woman did not wear any veils at this time as it is depicted in the film. Also Persian are depicted as some unknown nomads to Greeks. The reality was Persians were very familiar to Greeks and Greeks always asked Persians to intervene in Greek domestic politics and re-establish democracy in Greece when a tyrant took over a city state in Greece. Greek democracy was not possible without the help of Persians. Actually all these errors are not really errors as Oliver Stone had access to professional historians in making the film and one can assume were on purpose.

Generally speaking the film "Alexander" projects the present day realities or perceptions of today's realities into the past. It is not a genuine description of the past. The good point about the film is that it shows Alexander was not a Greek nationalist but was an empire builder and also the democratic structure of the greek army which made it possible.

Also look at Jonathan Ahdout with Ben Kinsley below. Mr. Ahdout is an Iranian Jewish actor playing a "Persian" character in the TV Series Fox 24. It tries to reinforce that Persians have big noses. Big noses is a typical feature of Azeri Turks. Mr. Ahdout is not Persian. Also Mr. Ahdout plays a "Persian" terrorist from the Middle East in one of his movies and kills his father in another movie. As most people mix up "Iranian" with "Persian", Portraying Persians and Afghans as arab looking terrorist is another problem faced by Persians and Afghans.

Also Hollywood has started to associate Mr. Borat who is a Albanian Jewish comedian living in England with Illyrian Turk origin with Persians. Mr. Borat is not in any way related to Persians. Mr. Borat face places him as related to Turks and not Persians. Mr. Borat claims that he is Wells-Persian actor. Mr. Borat does not look like a Wells from UK or a Persian.

Also note that Hollywood uses racism against Persians and other undesirable elements, but if anybody points out their methods and raises an objection then Liberal supporters of Hollywood will label you a racist.

Persians are composed of three major tribes in ancient times: The three main Persian tribes were Sogdians in Central Asia, Bactrians in Afghanistan and Parthians in Khorasan and North eastern Parts of Iran and Persians in South west Persia or Iran.

How Do Persians Look like?

Rudi Bakhtiar is an anchor on CNN. She is a Persian Prototype. What is special about her is she looks like a European but she is not European. She is a very distant ancestor to Europeans and she is Persian. She is a non-european Aryan. Nordic Persians or Core Persians are %10 of Iran's population of 70 million people.

According to Wikepedia Persians are:
"It is one of the ironies of history that Aryan, a word nowadays referring to the blond-haired, blue-eyed physical ideal of Nazi Germany, originally referred to a people who looked vastly different."

Do Persians look vastly different from the original Aryans? What Wikepedia really means with that is the Azeri Turks look vastly different from Aryans. But Azeris are not Aryans. Azeris are Turks. Also the Aryan migration theory is a theory in anthropology and should not be mixed with Nazism.

Slideshow for Phenotypes:

Persian:Girl South West

Persian Girls

How do Azeris look like?

Is there an Azeri Blondism?

Azeris immigrated to Persia mainly in 15 century A.D. Persians lived in Persia for thousands of years before Azeris arrived in Persia. The Persian Empire was a creation of Persians and Azeris had no role in it. Hollywood depicts Azeris as the real Persians. Azeri Turks had never Zoarastriaan religion as other ethnic groups in Iran shared. So culturally Azeris are fundamentally very different from Persians and other natives of Iran. Culturally Azeris are related to the Azeri Turk culture in Caucasus. Persians have a central Asian culture related to Central Asia and Afghanistan. Islam had replaced Zoarastrianism before Azeris had arrived in Iran in 15 century A.D.

Wikepedia On Azerbaijan
(Wikepedia tries to create confusion, claiming even Swedes and Russians as the origin of Azeri Turcs)

Much has been debated about the racial, cultural and linguistic origin of the Azerbaijani people. It is difficult to disentangle national pride and ambition, imperial or political propaganda and good science.

Having said this, a fair number of historians consider the nation of Azerbaijani Turks the inheritants of ancient Iranian Medes. Others believe they are the descendants of various bodies of Turks, Scythians (Ishkuz), Cimmerians, Huns, Gokturks, Khazars, Barsils, Kurtugurs, Saragurs, Kipchaks and others.

The most commonly accepted view is that the Azerbaijani's are the result of a mixture of Iranian, Caucasian and Turkish waves of immigration. This is supported by the analysis of sources which shows that many different people and ethnic groups have settled in the region and have left their influences.

Are the Azeries turks are descendens of the Medes like the kurds?

"The Medes were an Iranian people of Indo-Iranian origin who lived in the western and north-western portion of present-day Iran. By the 6th century BC (prior to the Persian invasion) the Medes were able to establish an empire that stretched from Aran (the modern-day Republic of Azerbaijan) to Central Asia and Afghanistan. Today's population of the western part of the Iranian Plateau (including many Persian-speakers, Kurds and Azeris) consider themselves to be descended from the ancient Medes."

Note: Azeris speak "Persian" and Azeri consider themselves to be descended from the Ancient Medes (Medes are Kurds). Azeris also consider themselves to originate from Scythians. All this is false information provided by Wikepedia. Azeris are in reality descedant of those turkish tribes marked in brown above.

Azeri Turks claim that they have "intermarried" Iranians and therefore they are of "Iranian race". Firstly there is no Iranian race and there is no ethnic group in Iran called "Iranian". Nationals of Iran are called Iranian. Secondly Azeri Turks do not explain who were the "Iranians" that they "intermarried" with. Sometimes Azeris have "intermarried" Kurds, and other times they have intermarried Armenians more recently. Other times Azeris have intermarried Albanians who were original natives of Caucasus.

Also apparently "intermarriage" has not helped them very much as they look like as before classed as Armenoid types.

"Intermarriage" is a fairly tale explanation from today's New York projected into the past. The Reality is intermarriage breaks the structure of the tribe and destroys the tribe which conflicts with the living style in ancient times. Natives of Azerbaijan were either murdered or forced to move away from the region or as Kurds were sent in exile in millions to north eastern Iran.

Also Azeri Turks claim that they have "Iranian culture". Culture is specific. There is no "Iranian culture" in general. Azeri Turks do not have Persian or Kurdish culture as they claim. Their claim is based on being a nationals of Iran. Kurds have lived in Turkey for thousands of years and they are still Kurds. Same with Azeri Turks. Azeri Turks have the same Azeri Turk culture as before. Azeri Turks have been mainly in Iran since 15 century AD.

As Azeri Turks fail to prove that they are not turks, they are using now a different scheme. Hazaras who are afghan refugees and are of Mongolian origin have been moved to Khorasan and Azeri Turks are calling Persians who are the natives of Khorasan for Turks!!!!! This is based on the existence of Hazaras in Khorasan and also the strange way that Azeri Turks define a Turk. According to Azeri Turks a turk should look like a Mongol. In reality Mongols are not turks at all. Mongols are Mongols. The real turks are Azeri Turks. So Azeri Turks claim that Hazaras are "Persians" and secondly call them for Turks!!!!! This only shows that Azeri Turks lack any kind of intellectual honesty.

Seljuk Turks were the real origin of Azeris: Wikepedia is telling the truth here
The Seljuk Turks were a major branch of the Oghuz Turks and a dynasty that occupied parts of Central Asia and the Middle East from the 11th to 14th centuries. The Seljuks migrated from the north into Persia, fighting and conquering various tribes on their Transoxiana.

The Seljuk Turks are regarded as the ancestors of the Western Turks, the present-day inhabitants of Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

Azeris are 35-40% of Iran's population estimated at around 30 million people. Azeris actually control the the Tehran regime. The pictures above are the so called "Human Rights Activist" Shirin Ebadi (Azeri) and the former President Khatami of Iran. (Azeri).

Hollywood and Azeri "Blondism": A Case in forgery
Some people in Hollywood claim Azeris are blonds to mix up all ethnic groups and create confusion. These people have made a film to prove Azeri "blondism". Recently they have produced a film in a remote village in the middle of Azerbaijan surrounded by a mountain where people have blond hair and blue eyes and white skin. And they speak Azeri. Now these people are totally different in their physicall appearance from Azeris province. They look exactly like Persians. Because they are in a remote location, they have not mixed with the Azeri population. The simple explanation is that these people have replaced their persian language with Azeri language because they have ended up in the middle of Azerbaijan when Seljuk turks immigrated to this area. The producers of film do not mention in the film why if these are blond azeris, what is the reason that the rest of Azerbaijan do not look like this. And why they look like Persians? That was Azeri blondism.

Associating Iranians with Arabs and Africans

Wikepedia associates Persians with Arabs and Africans

It is argued that much of North Africa's and Arabia's population is Black or mulatto due to importation of Black slaves by Islamic traders across the Sahara desert, where they mixed with the native Arabs.

It is undeniable that many people in North Africa, such as alleged terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui of Moroccan descent, have enough black African ancestry to be considered "Black" in the United States.

However, others have argued that at least in the Middle East (e.g. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, etc.), most Arabs (who are not Indo-European) can be more closely related to Persians – and vice versa – due to both the ancient slave trade and the wars that involved Macedonian, Byzantine, Roman, Holy Roman, Persian and other empires.

Persians are the same ethnic group as Arabs according to Wikepedia

There can be as much difference between two ethnicities grouped into a single "race" as there can be between ethnicities grouped (often arbitrarily) into an another "race". A very good example of this type of "arbitrary classifaction" include the Persians and Arabs, which - according to the Bible as well as the Quran - make up two separate and distinct racial groups (not ethnic groups).

Comments on Wikepedia

Persians have no problem with arabs. But due to anti-arab propoganda in US, Persians are associated with Arabs to undermine the social status of Persians in US. Persia had no history of Slavery. And Persians are not Arabs and they are two different ethnic groups and it is not arbitary to divide Arabs and Persians into two different groups. Also note what Wikepedia states are not random statements and they have an editorial board which carefully approves what they will display as their knowledge base. Wikepedia statements are consistent with Hollywood and the rest of US mass media. The whole line on Persians is very consistent. Also there are powerful groups in US who finance DNA "research" in the middle east trying to prove that Persians are racially linked to semitic arabs and africans and delinking Persians from their European heritage. This is done mostly by choosing the DNA "samples" from a pre-approved group of people who might prove what they wanted to prove.

"Persians are Arab Theory"

The fall of the Persian Empire marks the end of the great majority White civilizations in the Near East. By this time virtually all of the settlements in the greater region had lost whatever racial homogeneity they once had, and were to larger or smaller degrees societies comprised of a plethora of mixed races, producing the wide and varied physiognomy visible to this day in the region - a mix of Semitic and original White stock.From the time of the fall of the Persian Empire however, the near East ceased to be an area which was majority occupied by peoples who could claim to be White in the original racial sense of the word. Nonetheless, to this day there remain significant Indo-European genetic throwbacks amongst the Persians, today called the Iranians, as is the case throughout the entire Near and Middle East, from India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and even amongst the Palestinians. The modern day word for Persia - Iran - is derived from their ancient racial roots, the Aryans (as is the case with Iraq and also the very word India).

Persia was overrun by the Arabic Muslims in 651 AD, and through the integration which followed the last major traces of the pure Indo-European peoples in the Middle East was diluted.

Indeed, much of what later became known as Muslim culture, architecture, writing and other skills, were taken from the Persians into the broad Semitic speaking world.

Notes: The key point in this article is mixing up Persians with Iranians According to these poeple Iranians live as far as Palestine!! Also note how these "champions of human right and minority rights" respect people depending only on how you look like.

Famous Persian Americans

Catherine Bell plays in TV serial JAG. She is Persian-American with British and Persian origin. She has a typical Persian phenotype even she is partly British.

Other Famous Persian singers in US are Anousheh Khalili and Nooshafarin

Persians and Purim (No Blonds in Persia!!!!)

Persians and Purim: Make the Connection
By: Debbie Shofet

"Mommy, I want to be Queen Esther for Purim."
"Sure, sweetie, let's dress you up and get you a pretty blond wig."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Purim story happen in Persia, a.k.a. Iran? As in the Middle East. As in there are no freakin' blondes there! Every year, growin' up, when Purim came around we would draw pictures of Esther, and naturally she was always blonde with blue eyes and fair skin. How could we have let this happen? She was Persian with dark hair, dark skin, and yes, connected eyebrows. I think that it is appalling that the image of Esther has been perverted in this manner. Doesn't it say in the Megillah that Esther was "green"? Hence olive skin, hence the strange grayish green color we dark people turn in the winter. I'm not saying that it's anyone's fault, just that we must right this wrong.

Which brings me to my point, namely, that many of the things that happened in the Purim story can be understood by taking a closer look at the Persians we have all come to know and love. Achashverosh was probably a big, balding, hairy, Bijan-wearing Persian who had a party for seven days. You may ask, who can party for seven days? Have you been to a Persian wedding? We never stop. As long as there is Persian food – we're talkin' rice, kabob, sabzi, and tahdig – the Persians will party. And for that matter, the whole story happened in Farsi, so you KNOW some funny stuffs went down. There's no accent more precious than a Persian accent. And let's not forget Haman with his oh so pushy wife. Only a Persian woman can whip a man that bad.

Debbie Shofet is an alumna of Stern College for Women and staunchly supports Ha’am, Purim, and Persian Jewry.

Oslonor: Debbie is talking about other people and not Persians. Guess who are those people?

Join our Persian Aryans Group on Yahoo

Welcome to Aryans from Persia. We discuss Persian Religion, Zoarastrianism, Race, History and anthropology. We will also discuss the history of Aryans from other countries such as Russia, China, Germany, Scandinavia and Ukraine.The idea of the "Aryan race", however, as a strictly ethnic intepretation of the word that extended to Europeans, arose when linguists identified the Avestan and Sanskrit language as the oldest known relatives of all the major European languages, including Latin, Greek, the Germanic, Celtic and Slavic languages. They argued that all of these languages originated from a common root - spoken by an ancient people who must have been the ancestors of all the European, Iranian, and North Indian peoples. Join our Persian Aryans Yahoo Group

Iranians and African Americans

The people who are writing that Persians are mixed with Africans and Arabs have certainly an agenda that they consistently pursue. Despite that they know these claims are not true, they try to create the conditions to make it true.

Recently some African American guy has started appearing on a Rangarang Iranian Satelite TV broadcast from Virginia in US claiming that his mother is Persian and his name is "Tehran" and he speaks a few words of Persian.

It is obvious that some sponsors have paid for teaching this guy a few Persian words and the same sponsors are paying 20.000 dollars a month for satelite broadcast costs.

Mr. Tehran claims that his mother is Persian is obviously not true as Mr. Tehran speaks with African American accent and he also displays African American getto culture. It is a mystery how his Persian mother has taught him not only to speak with African American accent but also have taught him to have African American culture. After a few weeks Mr. Tehran found out about these problems so he switched to claiming his father is Persian and his mother is an african american. Mr. Tehran constantly talks about himself as "We Persians" with his african american accent and his black getto manners.

Now what is the purpose of this program? This program targets mostly young Iranian girls residing in US. The main purpose is to get into contact with these girls and introduce them to Mr. Tehran's African American friends. Mr. Tehran is constantly talking about the advantages of multi-racial marriages specially with his African American friends. Mr. Tehran states that all Iranian girls are very anxious to meet his buddies such as Khalid and Omar and Jabbar etc.

Also you should note that African Americans in general are heavily invovled in drug culture and criminality. In other words introducing african americans to Iranian girls leads to both the drug culture and criminality for the Iranian girls. It will also connect these girls to the American Court System and Law Enforcement agencies and police. Many African Americans work as police informers and the police uses them to extend their control over the population in US. Multiculturalist agenda for Iranians is that Iranians are mixed with Africans and this TV program is going to be the proof. Iranians do not mind if an Iranian girl on a voluntary basis marries an african american or whoever they want to marry. But this is an organized attempt for blackmail and financed by people with a racist political agenda.

Persians are going to be used for improving African-American race. At the same time Persians are going to be reduced from a mainstream white Persian-American citizens to a Persian-African minority. This creates Persians as an ethnic minority and in need of Jewish liberals in the democratic party in US to gain access to jobs and social positions as African-Americans are dependent today.

The people who sponsor and pay for this program, try to get as many blond Russians to immigrate to Israel as possible. Currently US is condemning Israel for sex slavery from Russia and Eastern Europe where Russians girls have been deceived and taken to Israel by force. Click here for a report

If this was not proof enough, then our Hollywood friends are spending money on producing a film about a few thousand Iranians who are of African origin and live in the port city of Bushehr in southern Iran who was brought to Iran in 15 century by Portugese from Zanzibar in East Africa. This film is going to prove definitely that Iranians are of African origin.

Mr. Tehran on Rangarang Satelite TV

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NIAC protests upcoming film depicting Iranian-American 'honor killing' Washington DC -

A new major motion picture slated for release this fall will feature an Iranian-American family involved in an 'honor killing' in Los Angeles, NIAC has learned. The film, entitled Crossing Over, is written and directed by Wayne Kramer and chronicles the struggles of immigrants in America . Written in the tradition of "Crash," the film follows the stories of several characters from different immigrant communities as they strive to "cross over" from illegal residency to documented citizenship. Harrison Ford is playing the lead role of Max Brogan, a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. His partner, Hamid Baraheri, played by Cliff Curtis, is a naturalized Iranian-American citizen.

The star-studded ensemble cast also features Sean Penn, AshleyJudd, and Ray Liotta. At issue is the murder-mystery storyline in which an Iranian-American male murders his sister and her lover on the eve of their father's naturalization ceremony. The killer, along with his co-conspiratorial brother and father, identify the redemption of 'honor' as the motive for this horrific crime.

Legally sanctioned in various nations in South East Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East , honor killing is a serious human rights issue that must be addressed. However, it is not a phenomenon common in Iran or in Iranian culture. According to both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, there is no statistical evidence of honor killings occurring in Iran . In Tehran , which houses over 1/6 of the population, or about 12 million people, the practice is nonexistent. Indeed, honor killing has no roots in Iranian culture and is unheard of in the Iranian-American community. There has never been a reported honor killing committed by an Iranian-American in the U.S. or any where else in the world. NIAC has contacted the Kramer and the Weinstein Company, which is bankrolling the film, with its objections to the portrayal. In its letter to Kramer, which was sent yesterday, NIAC called the depiction of Iranian-Americans committing an honor killing "unfounded and potentially harmful."

See part II Persians and Hollywood