Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NIAC protests upcoming film depicting Iranian-American 'honor killing' Washington DC -

A new major motion picture slated for release this fall will feature an Iranian-American family involved in an 'honor killing' in Los Angeles, NIAC has learned. The film, entitled Crossing Over, is written and directed by Wayne Kramer and chronicles the struggles of immigrants in America . Written in the tradition of "Crash," the film follows the stories of several characters from different immigrant communities as they strive to "cross over" from illegal residency to documented citizenship. Harrison Ford is playing the lead role of Max Brogan, a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. His partner, Hamid Baraheri, played by Cliff Curtis, is a naturalized Iranian-American citizen.

The star-studded ensemble cast also features Sean Penn, AshleyJudd, and Ray Liotta. At issue is the murder-mystery storyline in which an Iranian-American male murders his sister and her lover on the eve of their father's naturalization ceremony. The killer, along with his co-conspiratorial brother and father, identify the redemption of 'honor' as the motive for this horrific crime.

Legally sanctioned in various nations in South East Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East , honor killing is a serious human rights issue that must be addressed. However, it is not a phenomenon common in Iran or in Iranian culture. According to both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, there is no statistical evidence of honor killings occurring in Iran . In Tehran , which houses over 1/6 of the population, or about 12 million people, the practice is nonexistent. Indeed, honor killing has no roots in Iranian culture and is unheard of in the Iranian-American community. There has never been a reported honor killing committed by an Iranian-American in the U.S. or any where else in the world. NIAC has contacted the Kramer and the Weinstein Company, which is bankrolling the film, with its objections to the portrayal. In its letter to Kramer, which was sent yesterday, NIAC called the depiction of Iranian-Americans committing an honor killing "unfounded and potentially harmful."

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  1. Anonymous5:13 AM

    Dear friend,

    You blog is full of nonsenses, it is all about racism, you are possibly infected with panturkist virus and thefore try to call the name of Persia and Iran.

    Look, moron, Iranian is not azeri alone, as you foolishly argue, it mean all people of Iran and beyond it. Iran comes from the name Aryan. It was first Airyana VAejah, which later became Eranvej and then Eran/Iran.

    Second, Azerbayjanis are not Turks, they are Iranian and Aryan indeed. The people of Azerbayjan Republic are also Iranian and Aryans. They lost their original language and adopted Turkish language after Turko-Mongolian invasion just like Egiptians and Assyrians adopted Arabic after Arab conquest of their lands.

    The people of so-called Turkey are also not Turks, they are false turks, they are Iranian, Armenian, Georgian, Kurds, Greeks who lost their languages and adopted Turkish. The Real Turks are Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and Mongols who live in Siberia.

    So Turkey should change its name into Bizantia or something else to restore its rue identity!

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    ey ridam to kosse nanat madar jendehye drogh go
    ahmadi nezhad az garmsare yani asle fars hamine
    kojan in farsha ke dam azashon mizxani
    akho kos kesh axe tokhmie khodeto bezar kiram dahanet
    hame ja turka be khoshgeli mashhoran
    aslan turk yani khoshgel
    kiro mikhay gool bezani madar be khata?

  3. "Also you should note that African Americans in general are heavily invovled in drug culture and criminality. Many African Americans work as police informers and the police uses them to extend their control over the population in US. Multiculturalist agenda for Iranians is that Iranians are mixed with Africans and this TV program is going to be the proof.

    Persians are going to be used for improving African-American race. At the same time Persians are going to be reduced from a mainstream white Persian-American citizens to a Persian-African minority. This creates Persians as an ethnic minority and in need of Jewish liberals in the democratic party in US to gain access to jobs and social positions as African-Americans are dependent today."

    What an incredible essay you've written. You say that "African-Americans in general are heavily involved in drug culture and criminality." I have to say that this very much surprises me. I think you're relying too much on what you see in the media. If you did any kind of research at all you'd learn that the majority of African-Americans are ordinary, law abiding citizens. Being an ordinary law abiding citizen won't get you on the evening news.

    It's bizarre that you think that African-Americans would consider mixing with Persians of all people as some kind of an improvement. Are there even enough Persians in the U.S. to intermarry with African-Americans to effect that mysterious improvement you mentioned?

    I don't doubt that you've heard of a few black men who want to date Persian women but I do question if that number is statistically significant. Since you deal in generalities, I've got one for you. In general, most African-Americans don't covet whiteness. If we did I very much doubt that Persians would be a viable option. Despite that cherished, much vaunted Aryan heritage, Persians are complete nonentities for the vast majority of African-Americans.

    I do sympathize with your distaste at seeing Persians being depicted as Africans in the movies. As a person of African descent I find it equally insulting and disturbing to see Africans depicted as Persians.

  4. Anonymous11:01 AM

    The Scythians/Nuristanis'. They are the Kurds, Afghans of Kandahar as well as the Rajputs/Jatts of Northern India. Scythians belong in the Afghani-Punjabi category or in the Kazakhstan category. Rajputs are the Scythians who are extremley fierce, intelligent and tall, strong warriors. Had all Scyths (Saka) been united, the entire Middle East and India, as well as all of Southern Russia would be under their rule. But Rajputs are too divided to unite. Even the Arabs were mass-slaughtered by the Scythian Defenders of India against the Arabs, this is what kept India Islam-Free. They are distinct from everyone else there, with the exception of the Huns of Turkistan and also with various groups in Turkey. But Scythians are basically an Afghani people to the south of Afghanistan in Kandahar, also in East Iran and also in Northern India with the Rajputs and Jatts, The Warrior Races/Castes in India are heavily Scythian in origin. Just 4% of the total 1.1 Billion India population.

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Why doesn't your Persian wife write an article about the state of things? Why do you have to? You don't even come from those regions, nor are you descended or even a second generation descendent of the people you write about. You sound like an opinionated person who likes to label entire nations as "Races", in the same manner of the goofballs and incompetant people running the USA.

    Iranian and Indian are nationalities which contain every Race you can think of. Yes, they are melting pots of people who are the descendents of natives of those regions and also the invaders.

    Iran is Persian, Greek, Scythian, Dravidian, Russian, Turkish, Arab, Hunnic with some Black and some Oriental. Hardly a monolithic people. India is the same, but with more Dravidians than Iran has.

    Afghanistan is really East Iran, this is where the Warriors come from. They were throughout history recruited as soldiers for the Persian and Indian Elite.

    Pre-Islamic Turks had over 14 Empires prior to the Islamic Turks and now the secular Turks.

    Many ruling castes in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Syria, Southern Russia, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and even parts of Western China, Khazakstan and Turkmenistan are of Turkish lineage. Not Turkish nationality.

    Even the so-called "Jews" who are not the real Jews of the Bible, they are of Turkish Khazar lineage. More of them are mixed with northern europeans, but their origin is Turkish.

    Many powerful ruling dynasties throughout Iran, North India, Russia and Central Asia are of Turkish blood, not Turkish nationality or culture.

    As for that hilarious movie, '300', where they use real Persians to play the Greeks and Blacks from Africa to play the Persians, nothing could be more insane and hilarious combined!

    That was none other than a CIA creation by a bunch of drug-addicted U.S. Marines. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously, just about no one took '300' seriously. Not even the rednecks, because rednecks even have Persian friends and know they're not Black.

    The KKK is a Zionist Jew operation anyway, Nathan Bedford Forrest the guy who started the KKK was a Kabbalistic Jew. The KKK pretends to hate Catholics and Jews, but it's really run by Catholics and Jews. The pointy hats the Klan uses is from the Anti-Christian Catholic Secret Papal Ceremonies anyway.

    They just hate the Blacks and like to call anyone else they don't like as "Blacks". I'll remember next time if I don't like you, I'll slander your title and say you are some Black guy, lol.

    No one takes the Hollywood disinformation about Persians seriously. Hollywood is run by Zionists trying to get people to believe in their lies. But many of their lies even defy common sense.

    Wouldn't worry about all these goofballs making up lies about people. People know who Persians, East Indians, Afghans-Rajputs-Turks are.

    Someone should make a movie about how Dick Cheney is a Black guy, lol. See how many people take it seriously.

    These are just mind games, might as well avoid the movies. For the last 10 years or so, the movies in the U.S. are garbage. Good movies in the U.S. have been banned by the Zionists. The olders movies were much better, like from the early 1990's and the 1980's.

    The only places which are not melting pots and have one Race of people based on Geography is basically China, Japan, Sweden an Sub-Saharan Africa. That is it, the rest of the world has many Races in their lands. Such as Iran & India.

  6. Anonymous5:31 AM

    hi dear Mongolian are not Turk and not have Turkish languages. Mongolian difference people by Turkish people

  7. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Im persian/german and can safely say the author of this blog is some sort of wanna be persian and is more or less a racist fuck.

  8. Anonymous1:26 PM

    The person is correct on everything except when he spoke about Turks and mentioned the Kipchaks. They were not Turks, but Persian, they were blond.

  9. Anonymous1:27 PM

    This guy is not racist, the German guy is confused

  10. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Azeris are also mixed with Bulgars(who were Persian) and Kipchaks(who were Persian)