Thursday, October 06, 2005

Iranians and African Americans

The people who are writing that Persians are mixed with Africans and Arabs have certainly an agenda that they consistently pursue. Despite that they know these claims are not true, they try to create the conditions to make it true.

Recently some African American guy has started appearing on a Rangarang Iranian Satelite TV broadcast from Virginia in US claiming that his mother is Persian and his name is "Tehran" and he speaks a few words of Persian.

It is obvious that some sponsors have paid for teaching this guy a few Persian words and the same sponsors are paying 20.000 dollars a month for satelite broadcast costs.

Mr. Tehran claims that his mother is Persian is obviously not true as Mr. Tehran speaks with African American accent and he also displays African American getto culture. It is a mystery how his Persian mother has taught him not only to speak with African American accent but also have taught him to have African American culture. After a few weeks Mr. Tehran found out about these problems so he switched to claiming his father is Persian and his mother is an african american. Mr. Tehran constantly talks about himself as "We Persians" with his african american accent and his black getto manners.

Now what is the purpose of this program? This program targets mostly young Iranian girls residing in US. The main purpose is to get into contact with these girls and introduce them to Mr. Tehran's African American friends. Mr. Tehran is constantly talking about the advantages of multi-racial marriages specially with his African American friends. Mr. Tehran states that all Iranian girls are very anxious to meet his buddies such as Khalid and Omar and Jabbar etc.

Also you should note that African Americans in general are heavily invovled in drug culture and criminality. In other words introducing african americans to Iranian girls leads to both the drug culture and criminality for the Iranian girls. It will also connect these girls to the American Court System and Law Enforcement agencies and police. Many African Americans work as police informers and the police uses them to extend their control over the population in US. Multiculturalist agenda for Iranians is that Iranians are mixed with Africans and this TV program is going to be the proof. Iranians do not mind if an Iranian girl on a voluntary basis marries an african american or whoever they want to marry. But this is an organized attempt for blackmail and financed by people with a racist political agenda.

Persians are going to be used for improving African-American race. At the same time Persians are going to be reduced from a mainstream white Persian-American citizens to a Persian-African minority. This creates Persians as an ethnic minority and in need of Jewish liberals in the democratic party in US to gain access to jobs and social positions as African-Americans are dependent today.

The people who sponsor and pay for this program, try to get as many blond Russians to immigrate to Israel as possible. Currently US is condemning Israel for sex slavery from Russia and Eastern Europe where Russians girls have been deceived and taken to Israel by force. Click here for a report

If this was not proof enough, then our Hollywood friends are spending money on producing a film about a few thousand Iranians who are of African origin and live in the port city of Bushehr in southern Iran who was brought to Iran in 15 century by Portugese from Zanzibar in East Africa. This film is going to prove definitely that Iranians are of African origin.

Mr. Tehran on Rangarang Satelite TV


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  2. "African Americans in general are heavily invovled in drug culture and criminality..."

    Like Iranians "in general" are heavily involved in international terrorism? Consider your words with greater care.

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I actually know Mr. Tehran. He is a good friend of mine from college at George Mason University in VA. His is bi-racial. His father is Iranian. I know because I have met his parents. He speaks fluent Farsi and his accent is because like many other Iraninas including myself, he was brought up in the states. Shahram and Ali are also disappointed with your choice of words. I don't know where your from, but here in Northern VA/Washington DC we don't have hate for one another. We are one country united for peace not destruction like you and Mr. Bush suggest.

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM

    It is a new fashion for African-Americans to call themselves "Multi-Racial". Usually they say that they are partly white. To say they are partly "Iranian" is something very new.

  5. Anonymous6:50 PM

    The Persians in Iran constitute 22% of the population of Iran, at the same time the Azeri Turks are 52% of the population of Iran. Furthermore, the persians in Iran are a mixture of Arabs, and Africans, and claim of that persians are Aryans, is a fabrication of peopole who feel inferior abut their afro-arab heritage.

  6. Anonymous9:25 PM

    What is the problem with iranians about to be white or not? Why do you insist to be a white people even though it is not true, of course there are a few white iranians with blond hair, but this doenst mean that you are really a white people. Dutchman were in Brazil Northeast and you can find people looking like a nordic , but it doens mean that brazilans from that region are white just because there is some fews with blue eyes. I think the prejudice is not in hollywood, but in yourself. Look to you like really you are.


  7. Anonymous9:34 PM

    [The following is in response to the previous anonymous poster]

    It amazes me to see the previous poster stating that Iranians want to be labeled as White. They don't!
    How can you compare what's been stated about the Persians to the White Dutch-Brazilians?
    Comparisons like this make me cringe!

    By now you should know that the Persians have lived in Iran for thousands of years -- prior to any Europeans venturing out of their homelands to setup colonies.
    (Iran, up to the 18th century, was something of a fairyland to the Europeans.)
    Do you understand what that implies?
    Let me spell it out for you. Iran's Persian population (currently under 17 million) is indigenous, and has been for thousands of years.
    We are not talking about isolated groups of White offsprings in some far out land being colonized by the Dutch or any other Europeans for that matter!

    In other words, Persians are the only minority in Iran that can claim their Indo-European link; none of the other minorities (Assyrians, Azeris, etc.) can do that.
    Do yourself a favor, and once again take a close look at the photos of Shermine Sharivar (Miss Germany 2005), and Rudi Bakhtiar (CNN anchor).
    Do they look Arab, or African to you?
    Look at the Persian men in the photos. Do you see Afro, Arab, or Azeri features in them?
    Fact of the matter is that they are all White, non-European, Aryan Persians.

    I think part of the reason for your prejudice is due to the current political climate in the Middle-East, and partly, due to the fact that you (like millions of others) continue to erroneously equate all Iranian to Persians.

    Thank God reality does not depend on your beliefs, or else entire races would vanish in a blink of an eye.

    Cheers, and Hugs...(the Persian way!)

    -- Ed

  8. Anonymous2:33 AM

    To: Oslonor
    From: Ed

    I need you to make a small correction to my post above. Please change the word "Indo-European" to "Aryan".
    You may then delete this post.
    Thank you.

  9. Anonymous8:02 PM

    I found it interesting that those who are after further division of human race base on color of skin, texture of hair and... are suffering from shattered ego, low self esteem,depressed and angry personality disorders. These low lives, instead of creating something or achieving anything valuable in their life time, get their superficial satisfaction by looking down on other people. I think putting your effort on designing a web log that promote compassion and kindness among human race and the unique gift that each culture could bring to the world, would help your shattered and broken ego than emphasizing on what kind of a hair or eye color should be presented in Hollywood movies as certain phenotype for this or that "race" .By the way DNA analysis of the chimpanzee and human genomes has revealed
    essentially 99 percent identical in genetic makeup ( sorry dear, that includes "white people too"). So, What do you think is the the genetic difference from human to human?

  10. Anonymous3:15 PM

    40,000 years ago when humen left the African coninent, one branch travelled to Arabia, Iran , India, and Austeralia, which they are the curent native people of Austeralia.The original people of Iran , and India were Africans, after Indo-Iranians moved from central Asia, to india , and Iran, they committed genocide on native
    Africans, and also married with them, the current Tamils in India are the decendents of original Africans. There is no question that current Persians in Iran are, africans, and arabs by virtue of Arab invasion in the 7th.cntury.

  11. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I lived in Iran for four years, and traveled all over the country, all the people that I met who were blond and blue eyes were Azeri Turks, not Persians.

  12. Anonymous2:42 PM

    During the 2500 years of so called Iranian history Iran was occupied for 2000 years by the Greeks, Arabs,Mongols, and Turks. For the last 500 years since l499 Iran was controled by the Azebaijani kings such as Safavids, and Gajars. This control lasted till l92l. Therefor, the current population of "Farsi" Iranians are a mixture of africans, arabs, monglos, and turks. The 22% of the population of Iran are Fars, according to the leading archialogists has nothing to do with Aryan race. Farsis have some kind of inferiority complex about their Afro-Arab race. Infact there are rumors that Farsis, are importing white Russians sperms to fertalize their women, so they will have like skin children.

  13. Anonymous2:06 PM

    It seems if anything that you are hell bent on wanting to prove you are related to White Europeans and want to be accepted as white? and that will make everything topsy turvy and the White European Nations will love you. What a sick
    colorstruck/race conscious ass you are. And all you have really said bottom line is that Iran really is
    multiethnic you dope.

  14. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Mr. Higgins:
    I do not know if you are white or black. But I just want point out that Mr. Michael Jackson who is an african american tries to make himself white. And I do not think you have any objection to that. But if Persians or Afghans say that they have really the same origin as white Europeans then that is racist and very bad. And that is the case that they are really white Europeans in ethnicity.

  15. Anonymous7:38 PM

    You are a very racist person and i can tell that you dont know anything about american black are white. you label every black person in america a drug dealer,criminal, and police informers. Also how can a persian person help improve the black race. Who in american even know abouts ther persian race. so why would anybody use a basically unknown group of people within the US to make them look good.wouldnt it be better to use a white person.then race who is so closely link to terrorism.Here a quick lesson. A ghetto is a place, not something you can be. They are located in every country they just have different names like "slums".

  16. Anonymous7:41 PM

    It funny how you pcik all the so call persian who like almost white and who care about a persian anyway you are all consider arabs in american and to be watched closely.

  17. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Mostly all black people in american are multi racial it is a konw fact no black in america can say that they are pure african it no way possible. mostly all black people in american have either a african, white,and native american blood in them. Just like some white in america have native american and african blood.The african blood that white people in america have is from when slavery was over in america there was many former slaves that was able to pass for a white person, this happen when the slave master would impregnant their black slaves.They would be born with very light skin and straight long hair so this help them to pass as white and mix with many white people who didnt know of their true race.

  18. Anonymous9:05 PM

    This is very sick blog does it matter what race is mixed with another. all humans were created in the image of god. this makes every human on this planet beautiful and special no matter color skin, hair are eyes they have.

  19. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Let's first agree that not all cultures or people are equal. Once we understand this concept we will get o understand that lower culture always tries to upbreed to the higher culture. We see this in places like Latin America where the blacks will try to get themselves a "prize" by marrying into a lighter skin mulato family. Race does matter.

    By the way, the same people that claim that Iran is a black country will tell you that Beethoven was black and that Hannibal was a pure black man. what a joke.

    It will not go beyond blacks and Jews to identify Vikings as blacks. Blacks even claim that Cleopatra was this Nubian Queen. What a joke. Cleopatra was Macedonian. Lies breed more lies.
    The real Cleopatra was neither a raving beauty nor a voluptuary, as Hollywood would have us believe. She was passionate but never promiscuous and had the looks of a rather ordinary woman with a characteristic long Macedonian nose. She was good looking but not pretty. What she lacked in beauty, however, she more than made up for in intelligence, wit and charm.

    If you want to see what these black scholars who claim that Cleopatra was black go to this site to see for yourself how ignorant these people are.

    Don't believe the lies.

  20. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Lots of ignorant people on this site. The original blogger is correct. Persians come from lily white to light olive, with dark hair and dark eyes, dark hair and blue or green eyes to blonde. You don't have to be Azeri to be blonde, first of all.

    To the guy who went to Iran- you probably were looking at some mixed Persians.

    To the idiots on here... Persians originally come from the Russian Steppes. New scientific evidence shows that people evolved in different places. This is just another way for africans to revise history. Persians are cousins to Germans, Celts, Greeks, Italians, Slavs, etc.

    Iraninas were NEVER African. The only blacks in Iran are in the South and they are mixed with Arabs. A lot of ARABS have African blood, except Lebanese, and some who just speak arabic and are in fact not really arab to begin with. The blacks were slaves in ancient Iran (though mostly treated like servants and not like in colonial US). Ethnic Persians are mostly in Central and Northern Iran. Those in the border who speak Persian, are ethnic arabs.

    Those are who you are thinking have African in them. They aren't Persian and will never be though of as Persian. Nationality isn't Ethnicity. Deal with it. Nice try. Just talk to any educated anthropologist. And Persians are Caucasian.

    And for the record, I'm of Zoroastrian descent.

    I see there are a lot of freakin' morons on here. I have lots of Germans, French, and some Irish in my large family. People in Germany still call Persians "brothers".

    I'm flattered Africans want to claim Persian history as theirs, but get a clue and an education please. No educated person accepts that. You are the same people who claim Cleopatra was black. HA HA.

  21. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Let me ask you this(reffering to the author of this website), after all these years of human existance on planet earth, do you really think there is one single "pure" race left on this earth? do you really? You must be really ignorant if you do. It is impossible to find a pure persian race after nearly 3000 years of persian history. Humans mix, with other subraces, that you still can see today. So i do not agree that there is ANY pure race left today, not even the scandinavian blondes as you have mentioned. And the information you have put on the site does not have much crediability. You cant determine a race just by looking at phenotypes, it is waaay more complicated than that, you will have to also look at the Genotypes of humans, look at it with a more biological aspect. You need to have more facts, that are proven by testing you hypothesis. I do not trust you information because I suspect they are more from personal oppinion and not from actuall facts and experiments. Besides tracing human races is the most complicated issue in my eyes. Just one example, Environment, as we have seen through history, does change human, as well as other specie's phenotypes. Different parts of Iran have different climates. Evolution can also play a big part in this. Also, there are dominant and recessive genotypes, and there are laws that determine how they appear in phenotypes when crossed during fertilization. So its more a matter of biological science than racial issues. get back to me I want to hear your answer on this.// Ariadad

  22. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I don't know about whoever runs this blog, but most Iranians have no problem at all with blacks. If the Iranian government hated blacks they wouldn't be sending aid and ambassadors to Mugabe. Iranians and any true Muslims aren't racist, it is forbidden by the religion.

  23. There is nothing racist in my blog.

  24. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Former president of Iran Khatami is not an azeri at all! PLz correct the false information.He was born in yazd a pure persian city.

  25. Mr. Khatami is a lier. He does not sound Persian and he does not look like a Persian. He is from Tehran.

  26. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I lived on a small island in the Pacific between 2001 and 2002. I remember making a joke with a local I was working with about EVERYONE on the island being related.

    One day we were standing guard duty together and for fun I started pointing out passing cars and saying, "your cousin"?... "no, thats my neighbor". Another car would pass, "your Uncle"?... "no, thats my Dad". Another car, "your cousin"?..... "NO... HE'S FROM AGAT" (a neighboring village not more than 2 miles away).

    My point? You can live in whatever part of Iran you wish, but you will still be Iranian. Whether you identify yourself as "Persian" is of no consequence. I can no more tell the difference between a "Persian" and a "Azeri" as I can tell the difference between someone from Illinois and Wisconsin. How small the author thinks?

  27. Anonymous3:16 AM

    I believe in the Aryan migrations hypothesis so I'm liable to agree that there are white or proto-European people living in Iran. They certainly "look white to me" as Jared Taylor says. The question is can Persians join with their white brothers around the world in a common struggle against the non-whites? Will the Europeans/Americans accept them as their own? Unfortunately not. Right now there is too much of a barrier between us in mutual understanding and culture to consider such a thing. Best wishes.

  28. Anonymous8:12 PM

    you're an idiot

  29. Anonymous4:09 PM

    This post has been removed by the blog administrator (who is Oslonor) only non scientific false claims of Oslonor will not be deleted.

  30. Anonymous9:59 PM

    To the Original poster:

    I don't blame you for being angry!

    You are absolutely correct...Persians and Middle Easterners in general, are "Caucasians."

    African blacks in America generally tend to have very low IQ-levels (Just look at some of the posts on here and it becomes obvious who is black by the way they write).

    Because of their low IQ-levels, blacks naturally feel inferior to everyone else in society.

    Asians have built great civilizations. Go to Japan and China and see for yourself! The Aztec Indians were very advanced as well. Europeans have always been advanced. Europeans trace their roots to Persia.

    Africans have contributed NOTHING to civilization, but they will always LIE and say that they were responsible for Ancient Egypt. They also LIE and claim they were the Ancient Moors who invaded Spain. The Moors were Berbers -- part of the semitic branch of the Caucasian race.

    Blacks have even gone so far as to LIE and say that they were the original founders of ancient China.

    They are a LYING race of people with no civilization to speak of!

  31. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I want to Thank our Norwegian friend Mr oslonor and his Afghan wife to make this site which very clearly and nicely is dividing people more and will increase hatred and wars in our world.
    Thanks a lot

  32. Anonymous2:19 PM

    thank you of the man who concerned Iranians, and crated this blog,
    I didn't read this blog complete but gussing what is it is not hard,
    I am an Iranian, Iran is an outstading country in the history and Persian culture and civilization admired by many,
    then really there is no need for proad persians to say what they are,
    Iran simply means the land of Aryans, and to me in this phrase the meaning of Aryan as noble is more important than its racial refference
    no doubt that the base of genetic, language and culture of Iran are Persian an indo-european people,
    but they are simply a type and a branch of humen,
    hemen are humen and they always adopted, mixed, developed...etc,

    then race as a genetic matter has no meaning to me,
    if it wants to prove IQ, or beautyness, we simply can measure it and no need to refer a race,
    fortunatly the IQ of Iranian and even middle eastern people is high,
    and also iranian, if white, black, brown, or whatever they be, they are counted a beautful and warm looking people,

    also if you are either beautiful, intelligent,... or not, belonging to a race doesn't solve any problem of you
    here we feel all people who live in Iran, Iranian, and really they are equal in their attitued and manner, all speak the beautiful language of Persian and have the persian culture and a looking similar to eachother
    in this case they show 80% of IRan, not 20%
    just maybe minory of people in Iran are very different in looking, culture and language

  33. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Most of us so called 'ignorant and uneducated' African Americans don't care one way or another what Persians are. Personally, I don't even care if you're caucasian or not. I take great offense to the ignorance and uneducated presumptions that some foreigners have of any African. And I find it funny how being African is thought of as a 'low' culture, when in fact it isn't a culture, and we are an ancient, beautiful race regardless if anyone wants to preceive that or not. Not all Blacks live in a ghetto (and just because one lives in a ghetto doesn't make them out to be this evil identity as you are making all African Americans out to be). And I have another comment to make, even though I'm an African American, ancestory wise I am mixed (African, Native American, and I also, ta-da, share your so-called common Euro-caucasian heritage - don't try to tell me that it is a new phenomenon for blacks to suddenly say 'oh, I have a mixed heritage', it's a historical fact, well documented). I hate it when people decide to speak before they do their research, and research does not necessarily go off of just reciting what others told you, because sometimes the history we are told of is not the history that actually was.
    Personally, I wouldn't want to be linked to someone who is so racist, or ignorant enough to clump all people of a race together based off of what one person said, regardless of their race.

  34. To the Zorasterian asshwhole Arabs are not mixed with anyone dumbass, the Lebanonese are not White skined they are actually dark skined, although some of them are white. Yes some inroads of forgein admixture did occur. And your wrong Dravidian mtDNA has been located in Southern Iran, but not in the North, in the Mazandran area Negeriod mtDNA has been located so your are mixed with Afircan peoples wether you like it or not, also the Savaides brought a lot of Black slaves into all parts of Iran learn history than talk, and for the most part Lebenese are the whitest people in Middle East is because of White invasions. Its like the Anotlian Turks who are Mongoliod but have intermarried alot with Whites creating the White Turks of today, the Semitic type was outbred. Zorasterians are not anymore pure they all have vanished with race-mixing with Indians. Arabs are for the most part Semitic. You Zorasterian are following the same legue as the people you laughed at the Afrocentric claiming that Arabs are hevialy mixed with African peoples, and crediting the Arab civilization to them dumbass. Yes some mixing has occured but its of minimal amount. Plus White Americans can't tell your beloved Lebenese as non-whites since they show their Semitic phenotypes.

  35. Anonymous9:30 PM

    This comment is for the person who wrote the article on Mr. Tehran and the agenda behind having him on satellite television.

    I am an Iranian American of 25 years of age living in diasphora since a very young age and have had numerous encounters with a variety of peoples and more so, a numerous class of Iranians and have reached some interesting conclusions.

    First of all, I would like to clarify that despite all of the assertions made by Iranian nationalists that Iranians are the direct descendents of the noble Aryan race that consisted of fair skinned, tall, blue eyed peoples, I beg to differ on this point upon being a visitor to Iran for six months in just the city of Tehran itself. Secondly, I would like to make it clear that there is no standard way for anyone to behave "Persian" versus "African American" or "American" or "Arab" or otherwise.

    Aside from whatever agenda Hollywood has for us, and I will not get into that because I personally have nothing to do with Hollywood here, but prefer to address the individual Iranians who read this comment,when are we, Iranians, going to accept the fact that we are not a pure race of people and we are in fact a mixture of neighboring groups, sure we do have our Indo European ancestry which is evident among our fair skinned, light haired, and blue/green eyed peoples, but we also have a mixture of medium olive, brownish, and other skin tones and hair types. Quite evidently, we have people in our country who have African ancestry towards the south who are just as much a part of our well respected population as the fair skinned blue eyed people in our country. Iranian is no longer a race if one simply takes it as just a nationality. Most of Iran no longer consists of pure Persians and interestingly, the fair skinned, light eyed Kurds and Azaris are not considered Persians. Those who are considered Persian or Fars in Iran are mainly olive skinned to light skinned peoples with dark hair and brown eyes. So, why bring up the issue of race so much in explaining who Iranians are, especially in today's world. It is no better than doing what Holly wood is trying to do.

    Secondly, as I said there is no uniform way to act Persian or like you are Iranian. Forgive me, sir, but Mr. Tehran speaks Farsi impressively well, aside from his African American mannerisms and I was quite impressed to see his range of vocabulary and his honesty, sincerity, and willingness to engage Iranians, young and old, into serious discussions in a diplomatic and respectful manner which is more than I can say for the older generation of Iranians who yell at each other when the question of who is pro-Shah and who is pro-the current government arises on other channels on satellite. Compared to many young Iranians, Mr. Tehran's Farsi is impressively good and for you to say that they simply taught him a few words in Farsi is seriously an underestimation of what it takes to learn a new language. Clearly, he knows more Farsi than some of your closest relatives who have grown up abroad. Furthermore, if you think that Iranians necessarily have a more appropriate and dignified manner of speaking and communicating, I am afraid to say that you are not acquianted with every segment of Iran's population. In Tehran, simply, you have the well-known "laats" who engage in foul language and chase girls on the streets and have very crude mannerisms and of course are known for luring girls into prostitution and drug abuse in Iran today. Clearly, we do not need African Americans, Arabs, or Americans to bring us down. We bring each other down more than anyone else does and sadly, we always blame it on people who have nothing to do with us. It is sad to see a nation of people who are always in denial of the sad fact that their womenfolk are not perfect creatures by nature and are the ones responsible for their own problems. What have African Americans, Arabs, or Americans to gain from "bringing us down?" and do they need us to bring themselves up???? Do you really think that they see themselves in the same light that you see them???? You are very ethnocentric sir and your racist rhetoric is the kind that shames me. Instead of bragging about how the original Iranians looked before they were attacked by Arabs and Mongols and such, we better come up with better reasons as to why we are a better group of people because right now, I see almost no respect on the part of Iranians for themselves or for each other. All I see is rivalry, jealousy, callousness, rudeness, and deceitfulness. VAghean liaghatemon bishtar az in nist agar enghadr pastim.

    Also, you bring up the issue of how foreigners have an agenda for Iranians in the eyes of the public. Why don't Iranians get themselves involved in the media to erode the distortion.

    With respect to African American men wanting to bring Iranian girls down to a debase level, all I have to say is look at Iranian girls in Iran who are on an even more debase level. Since satellite and internet made it into Iran, so much of Tehran's female population began impersonating the looks, appearances, and mannerisms of pop stars like Brittany Spears and singers like Jennifer Lopez. How fast did they forget that they are the descendents of a noble, dignified Aryan race and that they are supposed to be virtuous, drug free, and gentle. If they are being lured into drugs and criminal and other undignified behaviour abroad, then it is of their own choosing. Sadly, I wish that the new generation of Iranian ladies would collectively use their new freedoms to become better, more accomplished people, but they bastardize their freedoms in large numbers. Its quite disheartening. They have nothing to look up to either and all you see in Iranian TV are Iranian music videos like Shahram K and other pop singers who feature females, Iranian and non Iranian, dancing seductively and showing no signs of virtue.


  36. Anonymous9:31 PM

    In general, the subject of how Iranians look has occupied too much importance in people's attempts to explain the reality of a population of almost 80 million people. This whole thing with different ethnic groups in Iran, and Iranians, in general, trying to claim the more "beautiful, blue eyed blonde peoples" as their own is a clear indication of how we cannot come up with anything better to show our distinctiveness besides what people look like in our country. Get over it, people, so what if some of us look a little bit like Arabs, face it a lot of us do...why have so much stigma towards people with darker, less fair features, especially since our country consists largely of these types some of whom are also stunningly beautiful. Iranians are just way to preoccupied with their sense of "aryanness" to the extent that instead of attempting to fix the real, existing problems that Iran's people are facing they are wasting an enormous amount of time focusing on each other's appearance. The frequency at which Iranian ladies, and even men, resort to plastic surgery, cosmetics, hair dye, and colored lenses in an attempt to approximate more "aryan" features is a clear indication of their lack of depth in character and think that if their looks change, then their noble, Aryan ancestry will be reflected better in the eyes of the world???? How sad is this??? If we want to show that we are better, why don't we treat each other with a little bit of respect? The fact that Iranians don't even respect each other is a perfect base for not respecting the differences of others and of course, all of this talk about phenotypes is what is supposed to clear up the confusion as to what and who Iranians are.

  37. Anonymous8:33 AM

    You are some funny turkish blog-trolling propaganda fella tryin to spread confusion and induce hatred. Congrats. Merry Christmas

  38. Anonymous3:52 AM

    I quote from your blog: "Having said this, a fair number of historians consider the nation of Azerbaijani Turks the inheritants of ancient Iranian Medes. Others believe they are the descendants of various bodies of Turks, Scythians (Ishkuz), Cimmerians, Huns, Gokturks, Khazars, Barsils, Kurtugurs, Saragurs, Kipchaks and others."
    Scythians were not Turkic, but Iranian/Aryan. I believe you are just a Pan-Turk making propaganda, trying to turn people against each other by sowing seeds of dissent, "Mr. Oslonor".

  39. Anonymous9:41 AM

    The word "Iran" comes from the word "Aryan." That title was given to Persians during this century by one of their leaders. However, the original people of Persia were Black Kushites called Elamites and they are mentioned in the Bible, which to some is a history book as well as a religious text. In fact today, there are still remnants of the ancient Black groups in the
    Southern parts of both Iran and among the Marsh "Arabs" of Iraq.

    Lets see the chronology, although the Noah, Ham, Cush, Nimrod story could be allegorical rather than fact, the fact is Mesopotamia was the domain of the Black Cushites for thousands of years before the emergence of the Indo-European or the Semites. According to some sources, in ancient times the entire region of Mesopotamia, India, Pakistan, Arabia, Fhenkhu (Isreal, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and parts of Turkey) was inhabited by Black Kushites. They dominated the region and spoke the Afro-Asiatic branch of the African languages, from which Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, ancient Syriac and other so-called "Semitic" languages came from. The ancient Black Cushites were also in India and as far as the ancient Greek historians were concerned, there were Western Cushites or kinky haired Africans, and Eastern Kushites or straight and curly haired Africans. Both had features that were identical and both came from the same roots. This idea was recently proven to be a fact, when genetic tests were takn of the Blacks of Africa and India. It was found that Blacks in Southern India clustered towards Africans and those of northern India clustered towards Europeans. Blacks in Southern India, who once occupied Pakistan and northern India before the infiltration of the "Aryan" speaking peoples from Eurasia, speak languages related to the Cushite branch of the African language family. Languages such as Galla, Amharic, Masai, Gond, Naga of Sudan, Turkana and others are similar to Indian languages like Telegu, Kanada, Tamil and other South Indian languages, which were in Nothern India before the Blacks of India moved Southward. (See the book, "African Presence in Early Asia," by Ivan Van Sertima, Transaction Publications, New Bruinswick, NJ) or see

    In the case of Arabia, the original peoples of Arabia were also Black Cushites and the first civilizations in Arabia were created in the Aden and Yemen areas in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. This part of Arabia was called "Arabia the Happy," while the other parts were "Arabia the Stoney" and "Arabia Deserta." ( See "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth," pub. by or the book "Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire," by Drusilla Dunjee Houston, pub. by Black Classics Press, Baltimore, MD ).

    The first civilizations in Arabia were created by the Black Cushites who are also known as Sabeans. The were not Bedouins and they were involved in trade of spices, agriculture and commerce. According to some sources, the Semitic group came into being when Eurasians from the northern part of Europe and the Eurasian Stepps migrated into Blacks lands and after many years mixed with some of the Blacks.

    In fact, (in response to the question on origins), the first "whites," to enter Elam and Susia, the ancient Black Cushite kingdoms that is today Iran, were the Guites who inhabited the Zagros Mountains and later swept into the Black kingdom. This race of Caucasians and the Black Cushites had a long struggle. The Assyrians, whose very appearance show them to be a mixed race most likely came out of this mixing. It is no surprise that Blacks existed in the region of Georgia in prehistoric times and that prehistoric humans migrated directly from Africa to inhabit the Caucasius region. Furthermore, ancient Media became part of Persia and Media and the Medianites were related to the people of Elam. The Elamites were fierce warriors and they were of medium height, robust in build, black skinned with curly hair and Negro (African features). In fact, they were similar to other Africans living on the African continent and in parts of India today.

    So, Iranians are composed of the descendants of the ancient Elamites and Cushites along with the Caucasians who spoke the "Aryan" languages. Later on in history, there were Mongoloid incursions into parts of Iran and that element also became part of the Iranian population.

    Deal with it...

  40. Iranians are not negroes and never have been. Any Negroid element in the Persian would be Zanj (Negro Slave), which would be an Arab coastal or a Mesopotamian contribution. These people have nothing to do with Persians proper.

    Afrocentrists, get over your idiocies and agendas.

  41. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I find your preoccupation with race freaky. You sound like a racist. The way you seem intent on distancing the mighty persians from Arabs and Africans as if they're somehow inferior is really ugly. Also you are an ignorant moron since the character Roxanna is actually Afghan and not persian at all. Yes there is a difference. You typify the character of most iranians I've met. They seem to feel superior to all ethnic people including Afghans who are somewhat persian and strive to present themselves as white. Obviously persians are not white and never will be in the sense that europeans are. Who cares? What's so special about being white? You should spend less time trying to prove your aryan roots and more time rectifying your racist self loathing. If you really had any pride that was worth a damn you'd forget about trying to present yourselves as "aryans" because obviously the real arayans don't want to be associated with you. But really who needs them anyway?

  42. Anonymous8:06 AM

    As an Afghan I can say that the character of Afghans and Iranisnas are very different. I do not appreciate being counted as Iranian as I am not. I do not appreciate the way Europeans will distiguish themselves as unique individual cultures then group large swaths of people as being the same due to their pompous ignorance. Afghans do not seem to share the preoccupation with being arayan that Iranians do. I believe Aghan people in general know that we are a mixed people. The idea that anyone is a pure Persian is ridiculous. As if anyone in this world were of any pure race.

  43. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Some useful infos you might like...

    "DNA samples from Iran show far fewer Indo-Iranian markers in the west of the country, despite an Indo-Iranian language being dominant across the region."

    also =10&hits=10&RESULTFORMAT=&author1=wells&fulltext=eurasian&andorexactfulltext=and&searchid=1082503865137_11742&stored_search=&FIRSTINDEX=0&sortspec=relevance&resourcetype=1"" target="_blank">

    Intriguingly, the population of present-day Iran, speaking a major Indo-European language (Farsi), appears to have had little genetic influence from the M17-carrying Indo-Iranians. It is possible that the pre-Indo-European population of Iraneffectively an eastern extension of the great civilizations of Mesopotamiamay have reached sufficient population densities to have swamped any genetic contribution from a small number of immigrating Indo-Iranians. If so, this may have been a case of language replacement through the "elite-dominance" model (29).

    Alternatively, an Indo-Iranian language may have been the lingua franca of the steppe nomads and the surrounding settled populations, facilitating communication between the two. Over time, this language could have become the predominant language in Persia, reinforced and standardized by rulers such as Cyrus the Great and Darius in the mid-first millennium B.C. Whichever model is correct, the Iranians sampled here (from the western part of the country) appear to be more similar genetically to Afro-Asiatic-speaking Middle Eastern populations than they are to Central Asians or Indians. This finding contrasts with a recent analysis of Eastern Iranian populations, which have high frequencies of Y-chromosome haplogroup 3, defined by the M17 analogue SRY-1532A (30). It is likely that the Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut deserts in the center of the country have acted as significant barriers to gene flow.

    The Turkish and Azeri populations are atypical among Altaic speakers (Table 1) in having low frequencies of M130, M48, M45, and M17 haplotypes. Rather, these two Turkic-speaking groups seem to be closer to populations from the Middle East and Caucasus, characterized by high frequencies of M96- and/or M89-related haplotypes. This finding is consistent with a model in which the Turkic languages, originating in the Altai-Sayan region of Central Asia and northwestern Mongolia (31), were imposed on the Caucasian and Anatolian peoples with relatively little genetic admixtureanother possible example of elite dominance-driven linguistic replacement.

    The Sinte Romani, or Gypsies, group with the Hunza and Bartangi (from the Pamir region of Central Asia) populations in our tree. This finding is primarily due to the M124 haplotype, which is present at high frequency in all three populations. M124 is not found in Eastern Europe (17), where the Sinte Romani lived before being resettled in Central Asia in the 1940s. It is, however, common in Central and Southern Asia. Thus, the Y-chromosome results provide clear genetic evidence of a link between the Gypsies and their Asian kin.

    an old friend from (Pakhpaloo)

  44. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Why do people act as though stating the facts of history amounts to evidence that you wish to be European? This is the thinking of Afro Americans. Whether the ideas stated on this site are facts or not is irrelevant but for inhabitants of Central Asia to state that their ancient ancestors may have been Aryans is simply a fact of history. It is the European that has sullied the origin and history of Aryans. Perhaps they had a great admiration for Aryans and wished to claim this as a part of their own history. It is not beyond belief that Europeans would pillage and steal as they have through out history. The rich and glorious history of Central Asia is beyond what any European half breeds could ever dream. While Europeans tossed their sewage out their windows like animals and died of the plague by the millions central Asia flourished. The people of Central Asia are not the blacks of America, slaves with no identity, who look on the white man as some god. What use do Central Asians have to trade a glorious history to be the whites of Europe? Lol

  45. Anonymous11:40 AM

    For the imbecile who suggested that Iranians or any poulation in Central Asia are afros- get a clue. There are no significant population of africans in Central Asia or the eastern portion of the Middle East nor has there ever been. Perhaps you wish to cultivate an identity through associating yourself with others. On the other hand the whites of the US are almost entirely mixed with Africans as sample DNA studies have show the majoity of white americans harbor black ancestry.

  46. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Many African Americans having been robed of any sense of identity by European slave mongers and having contributed nothing in the way of great empires through out history now wish to impose themselves on an population of superior people they can possibly do so. They can not stand in the US and conceivably convince whites who do not wish to see themselves as remotely black that they have contributed to European history as anything other than slaves hence they impose themselves currently on Persians. The idea that Africans have ever had any history in Central Asia is laughable and fairly beyond belief. Blacks would be best advised to review their ludicrous attempt at fabricating their history.

  47. Anonymous11:15 AM

    people should respect each other regardless of race. period. end of story

  48. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I agree with anonymous conerning the detailed history of the earliest populations in the areas of central Asia having had 'black' or 'Negroid' strains such as the Elamites, Kushites and north/south (ancient India) the dravidians. The Iranians are ancestrally a mixed people. I am of the Baha'i Faith religion. (which originated in Iran) Baha'i writings state: "in God's eyes there are no such things (or differences) between black and white." Let's do away with these biases such as 'blacks have a low I.Q., all African-Americans are involved in drug culture and criminality, and have never contributed to world civilization except as slaves. "All 'humankind' are equal in the sight of God." We are all citizens of the world (Baha'i Writings).

  49. As an African American I find many of your comments not only racist but show your ignorance. You are attempting to educate people about Iran, Persia, etc (and I thank you for that) but at the same time passing on falsehoods about African Americans and other peoples. To the persons making the comment about Cleopatra did they not see the recent news articles.

    I cannot justify everything about Afrocentrism but at its best it is about giving an accurate and not distorted view of history. Persons like Shakespeare, ancient writers and lately African Americans have written that Cleopatra had an African connection through her mother and was one of the reasons she was seen as more "egyptian" than the other Ptolymy rulers of egypt. Let's tell the truth about everybody.

  50. To the "anonymous" author of the comment that humans are 99% related to Chimps according to "recently revealed" dna studies: 1) The studies may be flawed 2) The studies may be falsified 3) Even if true, I'm sure you realize that quantity and quality are two different things. That must be a really important 1% difference. Entire areas of the brain could be accounted for by it, for example. But I won't burden your brain with further thoughts. You just want to believe what makes you feel comfortable. After all, you suggest that others who blog on topics not to your liking must surely be shattered in their egos. The only cure for them is to focus on topics you find appealing.

  51. I am not aware of any African American who says they are related to Persians/Iranians. On the other hand, I know and am aware of a few who are of African American and Persian/Iranian heritage and rightfully so thay are proud as any other similarly placed heritage. Just like Mexicans, in the main being the offspring of Spaniards and native Mexican tribes, the majority being mestizos (mixed heritage).

    Ignorance is rabid on both sides! you say "African Americans, in general are heavily involved in drug culture and criminality" while Hillary Clinton say "we will bomb Iran back to the Middle Ages if they touch Israel" or words to that effect, or white American saying that the Iranians are all terrorists and camel humpers and similar stories.
    Let us practice restraint and tolerance so all our voices can be heard!

    hoda hafez

  52. Anonymous11:09 PM

    To the idiot who posted that the original Iranians as being African: NOT TRUE. Iranians peoples, including Scythians, Medes, etc. all come from the Caucus Steppes. The Elamites were NEVER Iranian. Do you understand that Iranians have always called themselves Irooni - before settling in the Iranian plateau. The Elamites were defeated and pushed out of Iran. Most remained in Iraqi region and moved further on down to the Arabian peninsula. Nice try though. Typical of Afrocentrists. Also, read up on the recent discoveries on Cleopatra - she was never African. Try Greek - from an incestuous family, too. Again, nice try. This is why Afrocentrists are laughed at and 99.9% of historians and scholars, along with scientists refute such claims. Please get an education.

  53. "Persians are going to be used for improving African-American race. At the same time Persians are going to be reduced from a mainstream white Persian-American citizens to a Persian-African minority. This creates Persians as an ethnic minority and in need of Jewish liberals in the democratic party in US to gain access to jobs and social positions as African-Americans are dependent today.

    The people who sponsor and pay for this program, try to get as many blond Russians to immigrate to Israel as possible. Currently US is condemning Israel for sex slavery from Russia and Eastern Europe where Russians girls have been deceived and taken to Israel by force. Click here for a report"

    Extremely funny yet sadly and slowly becoming true. BUT, although Mr. Nigger aka Tehran is bi-lingual and bi-racial his conglomerate ties to Black Zionist led industry is quite questionable. AND it is indeed a fact that The Persian culture and Aryan heritage (Both separate in their own ways) are on a decline due to the Ziontific research being conducted on humanity to bring the world to a racial/ethnic mix. BUT the entity involved in this Ziontific research has kept a close eye on keeping a number of every race pure and untouched from foreign gene to note differences in the human genome and a slew of other things.... In the name of Zience (Zionist Science) ALSO, when I use the term Zionist, I use it not only for the hateful entity in control of both ISreal and the Americas, but also to the Lesbianism and faggorty that existed during the era of Ancient Greece, and the "sinful" occurances that took place in Rome.

    Yours truly,

  54. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Tell any White American that Persians are "true Aryans" and expect a big laughter.

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