Thursday, October 06, 2005

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Welcome to Aryans from Persia. We discuss Persian Religion, Zoarastrianism, Race, History and anthropology. We will also discuss the history of Aryans from other countries such as Russia, China, Germany, Scandinavia and Ukraine.The idea of the "Aryan race", however, as a strictly ethnic intepretation of the word that extended to Europeans, arose when linguists identified the Avestan and Sanskrit language as the oldest known relatives of all the major European languages, including Latin, Greek, the Germanic, Celtic and Slavic languages. They argued that all of these languages originated from a common root - spoken by an ancient people who must have been the ancestors of all the European, Iranian, and North Indian peoples. Join our Persian Aryans Yahoo Group


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Hi I'm a Chinese person living in Singapore and I stumbled upon your blog... enjoyed reading it and learning about your country's ethnic history.

    Firstly I agree that your people, the Aryan Persians, have been unfairly stereotyped in Hollywood, especially when being portrayed as another race (ie:- dark-skinned, etc). The filmmakers in Hollywood should do more research, but you know they don't usually care about such things ;).

    Secondly, if the entire Persian empire used to be Aryan, why are Aryan Persians a minority in Iran today? Is it because many of the original Aryan Persians intermarried with the other races?

    Lastly, I was surprised to find you stating on your blog that Aryan culture was involved in China. I'm curious as to what Aryans have to do with China, its culture and history?


  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    There is no such a thing that persian Iranians are aryans, it is a true fabrication by the persians in Iran, when they look at the mirro they see and Afro-Arab , and they get inferiority complex. Moreover the most insidious thing is that, persians are importing white Russians sperm, fertalizing their women so they could have light skin children.

  3. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Hhahahah I can't believe you're basing your facts on what a few stupid German philosophers believed in the 19th century. YOU'RE BASING YOUR FACTS ON NAZISM.

    I'm sorry to tell you, but you're quite late. It has already been proved that the links that were made between Germans and Iranians were false. Germans are not Aryan in any way.

    If an Iranian ever tells you that he or she is white, it is because they are ashamed of themselves because people like you make it a bad thing for dark people in the world to be dark-skinned and dark-haired. Same reason why so many blacks in the States claim to have "Native" blood. Grow up and realize that Europeans are not Aryan. HITLER WAS WRONG, THE NAZIS WERE WRONG, AND YOU ARE WRONG TOO.

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Indeed true Aryans are not white but the idea does play into racial insecurities in this Eurocentric age. Get it through your heads, White is not the best just because Hollywood and advertisements would have you think so. All the different ethnicities are merely evolutionary adaptatons to certaint environments.

  5. Anonymous4:07 PM

    sori, sori I just vomitted on this blog, sheath, ...

  6. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Thanks anonymous, dark is beautiful, really some of the hottest girls I have seen have been olive-skinned or dark-skinned. If the Persians are so shallow as to think that white is beautiful, then they are fools, self-hating fools.

  7. Anonymous12:50 AM

    This is so pathetic. I thought Persians were pround people.

    Nazi's insignia was borrowed from ancient Persian artifacts and Germans are not and never were Aryans. Drawings of women from glorious Persian Empire had black hairs and soft faces.

    Europeans' success of last a few centuries has nothing to do with blonde hair and blue eyes. Famous scientists were seldom blonde. Far North Europeans are probably just descendants of exiles from warmer area. Who would have voluntarily gone to less hospitable places?

    Nazi looked for Aryan greatness all over the world, Egypt, Persia and Rome. The pathetic remnants of Nazi now even jump on any foundings of ancient Hindu and Chinese civilizations.

  8. Anonymous8:51 AM

    The first Aryan were blackskinned Elam-Dravidian gods and people. The build the first Neolithic or farming Civilization. They had the first origins of the Aryan or Atlantis relegion. The were called Asuras or Ahuras and the Chief was all Asura was Varuna or Ahura Mazda the Wise one not found and culture on the Sun. The swastika was the black Aryan symbol for the Sun and Mercury or September is when the Sun race was born. They had the first Zigguart in Harrapa Pakistan were they worship the Black Aryan god Varuna son of Aditi the Solar Sun God. The sun is the was the first and the most ancient living superbeing and Zoroastrians not worship the Sun and Persian claim descend from the Sun as black race of Aryan people. This goes thousand of years to Munda or Black Aboriginal people of India when they worship Singbonga literally the Sun God. So being an real Aryan is not about color, it is more about race, Africans vs Indian or Persian. A good percent of the world is African if Aryan have there way then the future the major of world will Aryan or Persian. There is main Aryan lineages, one with Vasistha or Zoroaster revival who founded the Brahmin who worship Indu the moon god or Indra who follower drink soma and called Brahmin. Hindus are actually Indus people who claim descent from the moon race. The Gods were called Devas and Zoroaster who worship Asura Varuna the chief the Asuras. His follower the Medes or who were black Magi who worship Varuna or Asura or Ahura Mazda, worship the Sun who is Ahura Mazda and fire the form of light his spirit immilates. There Gods were called Asuras. Devas have ruled for thousand of years after conquering the most ancient Asuras and sent the all the Asuras to hell or the Netherworld until now because the Asuras have now reconquer heaven just the hebrew bible about the Apocalypsis or the hidden convenant which one Aryan or Devas or Brahmin would ruled for some many thousand of years or then the Underworld the Asuras would take over and who is happen now. Jews call it the Apocalypsis, Hindus the Kali-Yuga, Greek the rebirt of Atlantis. but is all the same hidden or conquer black Aryan ancient culture of Elam-Dravidian re-emerging is from hell to heaven conquer not only the earth agian both controling the universe as the brahmin once did.

  9. Anonymous6:03 PM

    The Scandanavian people who are the Germans are Atlantis people. People in Europe such as the Basques, Lithunians Saxon people all originally came from Iran. The Nazis were trying in the wrong way to reclaim there Iranian or Aryan culture. They were very wrong for thinking that both Jews and Gypsies were not Aryan people because both were pure Aryan people. The Nazis want Socialism or Marxism or Germany wanted Socialist Marxism and long after Hilter died, Germans want Marxist. Marxism is a very black revolution not a white one. Kerala Marxist are some the most powerful Aryan in the world this why the CIA target them. Ghandhi made choice as Hindu to side with the British in War II even thought he had socialist Marxist views. Socialism is the black and the poor around the world; for the worker, the labor. Look at the economy in Kerala India, the education system, the health care system it is was for a long time Oasis in the poverty that is India. And with the strenghting of socialism around the world there are some who would like to weaken Kerala Social Marxist society. Kerala is the goverment example of the Social New World Order. Aryanism or Freemason or is the relegion. Varuna or Ahura Mazda or Lucipher is the God. The swatika which came from Iran is the Symbol or the Solar race or Sun race. The Munda or the Orissa are blackskinned Aboriginal people who are originally related to Levantine people. the worship a Supreme God called Singbonga or the Sun God. The Munda are the original source of the Aryan race and the black caucasian not white caucasians. The black caucasian or the Munda or have trump the white caucasian and reinstall themselves in heaven on the earth the socialist agenda is now being fullfill. The Nazis are the Munda not the Germans. They are real source of the Aryan race the Sun God and the Swatika symbol and the socialism system which the was system of Indus or Atlantean civilization.

  10. Haplogroup U and U5 and K are the link with Scandavanian people and the Kurds or Iranian people. Jews who are Kurdish people both U5 and K haplogroup so if you are wondering really why German Killed Jews this is the main reason why because Jews are some of the purest Aryans protect Semitic people. Real Aryans like Berber, Basques, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Central and South American and West African who of Afro-Eurasian origins have been opress minorities for thousand of years. Conservative and Right Wings are the real racist. Liberal and Leftist. Aryans are Liberals look at Scandanavia that Socialism Aryanism and they accept all kind of people who are Aryans like Ethiopian, Somalian and Eritrean, to Indians, Kurds, and Moroccans. They like all kind of people who are their people. You need to looking at colors are you meaning or race because it wrong because there are two separate lineage one Eurasian which is the oldest one which is thousand of thousand of years old and the African lineage in which more know because it much younger. Both lineage started out with blackskinned people but their is a clear way the African look and then Clear way the Eurasian black Aboriginal look. It is the difference a black Congolese negro and black Asian Aboriginal. Look at the Dani in Paupa New Guinea and there Aryan features that came Eurasian thousand of years ago. Look at the Solomon Islanders, Fijians and Australian Aboriginal with with black, blonde and red hair with ebony black skin and features, Look at the Efe Pygmies in the Congo in Africa with blonde, red, and black nappy hair, with black, Semitic, Mediterrians feature with black, real olive, light skin that same as other Europeans. European look so different from other black and Asian because the people came who were also black as the Ace of Spades look so differ. Yes, so of the ancestor had Blonde Hair and Blue or light Eyes but they also had black, very black skin and don't forget that. They are plenty or white people out there who are not Aryans; who not Rh negative or South Asian, who don't have protect from various type of Cancers and HIV because are the Aboriginals who much older Veteran race that have evolve not for 70,000 year, try 800,000 to Million years ago. We were are race of people almost totally replace by Africa 70,000 ago. And We are Archaic but We have evolve in ways that you have not because are a million year old. You cannot beat Cancer and HIV and other Disease in 70,000 years. You cannot community with your Mine Telepathy like some us can and do other Supernatural things even the Austrial Aboriginal can do. We have better and deep understand of the earth and balance in natural then you do. And now The Sun and Earth have turn agianst you and our now destroying you. The same you try to destroy us 70,000 years ago. Listen to this " I use to be a King by the Island by the Sea, Rainbow color people, happy as color be, there never was problem there never was care, love was over flow and it feeling share, I can feel this for sure, I been here before. That just part of the Song by Tina Maria which is called Deja Vu. To you this song mean nothing but to people like me this song mean everthing. Because are talking about Atlantis. A real time, a real place and us the real people.

  11. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Varuna who is Ahura Mazda is blacker than Ace of Spades and he is pure Rh negative Aryan the Aryan were Austro-Melanesia from Southeast Asia came to the Indus Valley about 12,000 from Southeast Asian to the Pacific Rim to the Indus Valley were Dravidian, Atalic and Na-Dene were Proto-Indo-European people. Ardi-Belili-ili or Lilith is from the same Na-Dene Native American that came to the Americans 12,000 years ago. Varuna is from Asur or Asuras or the Native American tribes that settle in the Indus 12,000 years ago. Varuna is only 7,000 years old and Lilith or Durga is 12,000 years old the Na-Dene Tribes that came the Amerinds from that from Southeast or Austro-Melanesia 35,000 years.

  12. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Amerinds carry Haplotype 31 and from Southeast Asia or Austro-Melanesia 35,000 year ago, they settle in India and Saudia Arabia also and change from Haplotype 31, Haplotype 28 found in the Indus Valley Tribes and Kerala Indians near Sri Lanka the gate way to Malay or Southeast Asian people. Haplotype 31 in found in Saami or Viking and Norse and Norman people and this the Link with Viking and Germanic people with the Aryan race that from Austro-Melanesian with Haplotype K, mtDNA 16192, 16362, and K1 and K2 Haplotype with Rh negative which are came Arachic Asian Races of people from Southeast Asia from Rhesus Monkey 1 million ago not Chimpanezee in Africa. the Haplotype 31,28,39 came the APOBEC gene which provides HIV in various people of Archaic Asian descent from Rhesus Monkeys spread around the world originating from Southeast Asia.

  13. Anonymous3:19 PM

    hi i am north african kabyle "berber" some tribe in africa werre related to aryen persia just lick iflicen and ath fraucen and then irjen this tribe have the same irigation system of antic persia !!!