Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Persians" Hollywood Style

Rosari Dawson to the left is supposed to play a Persian girl similar to Roxana the Persian Princess in in "Alexander" by OliverStone. Shermin Shahrivar who was Miss Germany in 2005. Shermine is the dark hair girl on the right. Rosarie Dawson is partly african.
In reality the real Roxana was a Persian princess from Sogdia or Bactria and who may have been as light haired as Alexander. Sogdia and Bactria is a north eastern area of Persia in today's Afghanistan and central Asia.

Rosarie Dawson does not show any similarity to a Persian Princess. Why a partly African actor plays a Persian girl? Are Africans some way related to Persians. As we will see Hollywood thinks so and consistently portrays Persians as Afro-Arabians using Azeri Turk actors.

Other errors in the film are Persians are depicted as Arabs using Morrocan actors. Also North East Persians are sometimes depicted as mongols or Turks. There were no mongols or Turks in Central Asia at this time and this area was inhabitted by Persians who were European looking people similar to Greeks or similar to how Afghanis look like today in North Eastern Afghanistan. Mongols and Turks invaded central Asia at least 1000 years later. Also Alexander going into Persia is depicted as if Greece was a high level civilization going into some nomad land. The reality is Greece was a small colony in Persia for 100's of years before Alexander invasion and Persia and Greece were equal in the level of technology and civilization.

The term "Barbarian" is used in the film to describe Persians. For Greeks "Barbarian" meant somebody who did not speak Greek language. It did not mean savage. But in "Alexander" the term "Barbarians" is used to denote savages. This sounds very strange as Oliver Stone had used very professional historians in the creation of the film. So Alexander was not going to Morrocco as the impression given by the film but Alexander was going to San Francicso if using a contemporary anology. Later Alexander declared himself the King of Persia and not the King of Greece. That indicates that Alexander considered Greece as a colony of Persia and not Persia as a colony of Greece. This was even after Persia was conquered and this indicates the level of Persian civilization. Alexander's capital was Babylon in Persia. Alexander adopted the Persian nobility dress and traditions and customs and ordered his generals to to so. He also appointed Persians to high office levels which caused revolt among his generals.

Alexander covers the period of Persian history a 1000 years before islamic period in the Persian history and woman did not wear any veils at this time as it is depicted in the film. Also Persian are depicted as some unknown nomads to Greeks. The reality was Persians were very familiar to Greeks and Greeks always asked Persians to intervene in Greek domestic politics and re-establish democracy in Greece when a tyrant took over a city state in Greece. Greek democracy was not possible without the help of Persians. Actually all these errors are not really errors as Oliver Stone had access to professional historians in making the film and one can assume were on purpose.

Generally speaking the film "Alexander" projects the present day realities or perceptions of today's realities into the past. It is not a genuine description of the past. The good point about the film is that it shows Alexander was not a Greek nationalist but was an empire builder and also the democratic structure of the greek army which made it possible.

Also look at Jonathan Ahdout with Ben Kinsley below. Mr. Ahdout is an Iranian Jewish actor playing a "Persian" character in the TV Series Fox 24. It tries to reinforce that Persians have big noses. Big noses is a typical feature of Azeri Turks. Mr. Ahdout is not Persian. Also Mr. Ahdout plays a "Persian" terrorist from the Middle East in one of his movies and kills his father in another movie. As most people mix up "Iranian" with "Persian", Portraying Persians and Afghans as arab looking terrorist is another problem faced by Persians and Afghans.

Also Hollywood has started to associate Mr. Borat who is a Albanian Jewish comedian living in England with Illyrian Turk origin with Persians. Mr. Borat is not in any way related to Persians. Mr. Borat face places him as related to Turks and not Persians. Mr. Borat claims that he is Wells-Persian actor. Mr. Borat does not look like a Wells from UK or a Persian.

Also note that Hollywood uses racism against Persians and other undesirable elements, but if anybody points out their methods and raises an objection then Liberal supporters of Hollywood will label you a racist.

Persians are composed of three major tribes in ancient times: The three main Persian tribes were Sogdians in Central Asia, Bactrians in Afghanistan and Parthians in Khorasan and North eastern Parts of Iran and Persians in South west Persia or Iran.


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Hi, I recently found your site while doing a search for Aryans and must say, am very impressed. Most people today like to think of Persians as being non-European looking, mostly saying they look more like me (I myself am an Arab from Lebanon)

    This of course, is absurd and seems to fit more into the cookie-cutter, Politically Correct, Hollywood standard of etnicity and culture.

    A good example of the absurdity of modern perception is the movie "Alexander", which potrayed Baktrian Roxane as an African American named Rosario Dawson. This of course is laughable.

    I, as a non Persian, have no qualms with you for merely stating the truth, which has been white-washed by modern Hollywood, mostly for its desire to hurt blonde haired, blue eyed types which they despise. (A good example of this is the "dumb blonde" stereotype.

    Since we're on the topic of Hollywood white-washing, I wanted to mention a future movie on the life of Carthagenian general Hannibal which will star Denzell Washington.

    As a descendent of the Phonecians (Carthagen was a Phonecian colony in north Africa, which by the way wasnt populated by blacks anyways)it deeply troubles me to think that someone had the pinhead idea to make Hannibal, who probably looked more like me (albeit a bit manlier)then a Sub-Saharan, a people who at the time werent even in North Africa, but came later with slavery in the middle ages.

    Anyways, those are my two cents. I wish you the best of luck and ill be sure to pass it along to my Persian friends.

  2. Anonymous10:54 PM

    I found it interesting that those who are after further division of human race base on color of skin, texture of hair and... are suffering from shattered ego and those who have not being able to achieve anything valuable in their life time. They get their superficial satisfaction by looking down on any other groups. I think putting your effort on designing a web log that promote compassion, kindness among human race would do your ill character more good than emphasizing on what hair or eye color should be presented in Hollywood movies as certain phenotype for this or that "race" .

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    according leading anthropologists, the persian iranians are afro-arabs

  4. Anonymous9:09 PM

    This is very sick blog does it matter what race is mixed with another. all humans were created in the image of god. this makes every human on this planet beautiful and speical not matter color skin, hair are eyes they have.

  5. Anonymous8:22 PM

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  6. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Why you show my picture with that ugly guy?
    I will sue you.

  7. according leading anthropologists, the persian iranians are afro-arabs

    (Which ones.?Race is more than skin deep, god made many mansions for his people of all races, cultures, nations to be able to preach practise and preserve it.Why mongrelise all these races, cultures,nations out of existance.?Dont you racist bigots like diversity.?I love diversity, thats why i advocate segregation, you know you racist bigots, the very thing that gives us diversity.?I am for preservation ,not genocide, thats why i do not support the cancerous multicultural policy.How do you think the french feel watching their soccer team play,1 could think that they were watching africa play.This is of course wrong , True frenchmen are white, not african.When you think frenchman , do you think black man, or whiteman.?Keep your race, cultures away from the multiculturalists who want to see them killed of.They are truelly the evil racists.Multiculturalists and the we are all equal,race is only skin deep liars should be shunnned and locked away like the genocidal maniacs they are.BE PROUD OF YOUR RACE, BE PROUD OF YOUR CULTURE, BE PROUD OF YOUR NATION.BY DOING THIS YOU CAN OVER COME THE CANCEROUS MULTICULTURALIST ,INTERNATIONALISTS LIARS.

    Anonymous ,the race,culture ,nation hating bigot talks about having compassion for the human race(to which their is no such thing, we are thedifferent races of the human species, thats why i can tell you what colour the human races are but you cant tell me what colour the human race is.)yet has so much hatred for the proud persians of European,caucasian stock who want to preserve their race, identity, ancestry,genetics,heritage.WHY DOES ANONYMOUS AND HIS BAND OF LIEING CLOWN SUPPORTERS WANT TO SEE ALL THIS RUINED BY HAVING IT MONGRELISED OUT OF EXISTANCE.?PROOF THEY ARE THE MOST HATEFUL BIGOTS.I WANT TO PRESERVE ALL THESE THINGS, ANONYMOUS WANTS THEM DESTROYED, YET HIS ILK HAVE THE HIDE TO CALL ME RACIST FOR WANTING TO DO SO.THESE PEOPLE ARE TRUELLY THE MOST INSANE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET.



    Race is nothing to do with colour of skin, it's about dozens of things ranging from skeletal structure to haemoglobin carrying capacity to pure genetics to brain structure/mass/density.

    Skeletal structure
    'Normal' IQ
    Blood Groups
    Haemoglobin Carrying Capacity
    In mtDNA especially.
    Cranial Volume.
    The structure of the brain.
    The structure of the skull
    Muscle Growth/Repair Capacity
    Rate of Maturation
    Rate of Gestation
    Amounts of hormones produced
    Respiration (especially Anaerobic)
    Recovery Rates
    Energy Storage
    Creative IQ
    Verbal IQ
    Socialization techniques
    Monogamous or Polygamous preferences
    Mate preferences

    The list goes on and on and on.

    "And God proclaims as a first principle to the rulers...that there is nothing which they should so anxiously guard, or of which they should be such good guardians, as of the purity of the race."
    -Plato, The Republic, Book III Chapter 415.

  8. Anonymous5:25 PM

    north african dna evidence east african origin, so yes there were black in north africa - but there was not arab until recently. so, arab, stay in your own business.

  9. Anonymous5:28 PM

    persians are not european - they originated in west asia. persians and europeans are similarly adapated, thus the caucasian features and coloring, but not the same people and most definately not the same race - persions dont need to be white or european, that is a western obsession. persians are not black or african either, and, again, do not need to be.

  10. Anonymous10:53 AM

    For anyone who believes that exploring your heritage or race is "dividing the races- get over it. You clearly have no pride in your own heritage and your just threatened by others having what you don't have.

  11. Anonymous7:05 AM

    ahmadi nezhad is not a azari or a turk at all
    he is from garmsar (a really persian city)
    ahmadi nezhad and khomeini are the really persians
    you can read there biography
    turks and azaris are very beautyful ppl dont lye every body in iran know that azaris are lighter than persians(farses)
    other countris ppl can see really azaris and turks vs really persians (farses) im sure u are a
    mentall ill from persiians and u are so ashamed of this u ppl are so ugly im really sorry for u

  12. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I think that you misinformed.Most of the blond people and those with colorful eyes in Iran are Azeris not persian. In fact Azeris' skin is much lighter than persians. I have been living in Iran for 30 years.