Thursday, October 06, 2005

How Do Persians Look like?

Rudi Bakhtiar is an anchor on CNN. She is a Persian Prototype. What is special about her is she looks like a European but she is not European. She is a very distant ancestor to Europeans and she is Persian. She is a non-european Aryan. Nordic Persians or Core Persians are %10 of Iran's population of 70 million people.

According to Wikepedia Persians are:
"It is one of the ironies of history that Aryan, a word nowadays referring to the blond-haired, blue-eyed physical ideal of Nazi Germany, originally referred to a people who looked vastly different."

Do Persians look vastly different from the original Aryans? What Wikepedia really means with that is the Azeri Turks look vastly different from Aryans. But Azeris are not Aryans. Azeris are Turks. Also the Aryan migration theory is a theory in anthropology and should not be mixed with Nazism.

Slideshow for Phenotypes:


  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    I found it interesting that those who are after further division of human race base on color of skin, texture of hair and... are suffering from shattered ego and not being able to achieve anything valuable in their own life time. They get their superficial satisfaction by looking down on any other groups. I think putting your effort on designing a web log that promote compassion, kindness among human race would help you more than emphasizing on what hair or eye color should be presented in Hollywood movies as certain phenotype for this or that "race" .

  2. Anonymous1:29 PM

    According to the leading anthropoligists the persian iranians are afro-arabs.

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    YES, PERSIANS DO LOOK VASTLY DIFFERENT. Even Dariush, the Shah of Iran had bushy, curly, black hair, and light brown skin, with a hooked nose. You're a damn idiot.


  4. I agree that there are iranians resembling white greek and mediterranean people, but those iranians look the way they do because of late mixing with for example tjerkessian people from the caucasus. They are caucasian and not some ancient aryan people. Besides, they don't have any similarity to germans or nordic people, just a slight similarity to dark haired russians or certain eastern mediterranean people.

    The ancient persians where indeed "sand niggers" and that is histroical fact to all scientifically minded people. The only ones who argue against this are iranians themselves and neo-nazis who have a fetisch for oriental people and want a "de-orientalized" fictional people to share bed with since a "jew" would dirty their image too much.

    Also, many of the white iranians on the pictures could be any modern israeli or jew today. They look more israeli than german and would blend in better in Tel-Aviv than in Berlin.

    A final note. The typical iranian race is indeed the azeri-turks. 95% of the iranians who invaded my country and turned it into a whore-house have typical azeri-turk features and that is something I hate intuitively. The big nosed jews like Ahdout does not disturb me at all, but the long, pointy, rat-like faces of the azeri-turks makes me burn with hatred for no logical reason.

    What I agree

  5. Anonymous8:24 PM

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  6. Anonymous4:28 PM

    The Jews want SW Asia. They don't want the Aryans to have SW Asia. Hence the suppression of the fact that there still are people in SW Asia who are basically the same kind of people as European Aryans.

    The Gulf War is an opportunity. The US military is beginning to understand that alliance with the most European-like people in the region, is the only way to turn the situation around and win. This is apparent from what L. Paul Bremer's book says about the Kurds.

  7. Oslonor,

    Don't listen to these people who obviously don't know what they are talking about. I am persian from Iran and i can say that you are correct. It's just a shame that none of this is acknowledged elsewhere. Of course, with the war on terrorism, it's frowned upon to have any sort of symphathy with "the axis of evil". What many people don't understand is that they live in a certain part of the world and therefore many times receive biased information about other parts.

    As you say, all the things you've mentioned are facts agreed on by historians and other experts in the field. Therefore, saying anything contradictory is just lame.

    Thank you,

  8. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Kaiser whats wrong did we not not copulate properly with your grand-mother. Were we too rough, well I apoligize on behalf of the Azeri nation. Next time we'll bring olive oil, and do you properly.

  9. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Nice, but what is a french reporter (Melissa Theuriau) doing in there???

  10. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Nice, but what is a french reporter (Melissa Theuriau) doing in there???

    Her Persian name is actually Mitra Taheri. She is Persian. It seems you are not familiar with how Persians can look like.

  11. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Afghans are not Europeans and do not resemble the savages of European shit holes. Europeans are a rat like people with ruddy pink faces and generally greasy limp yellow hairs upon their pink pointed heads. Afghans rarely have yellow hairs and do not suffer the skin maladies of the Europeans nor are they Iranians. Afghans are not interchangeable with Iranians. They are their own race of people who have ancient history in Central Asia. They are native to the region they are not descended from Semites Europeans or Afros. Even in the 21st century there are hardly any afros or Europeans for that matter in Central Asia god willing this will always be true.

  12. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Why do people act as though stating the facts of history amounts to evidence that you wish to be European? This is the thinking of Afro Americans. Whether the ideas stated on this site are facts or not is irrelevant but for inhabitants of Central Asia to state that their ancient ancestors may have been Aryans is simply a fact of history. It is the European that has sullied the origin and history of Aryans. Perhaps they had a great admiration for Aryans and wished to claim this as a part of their own history. It is not beyond belief that Europeans would pillage and steal as they have through out history. The rich and glorious history of Central Asia is beyond what any European half breeds could ever dream. While Europeans tossed their sewage out their windows like animals and died of the plague by the millions central Asia flourished. The people of Central Asia are not the blacks of America, slaves with no identity, who look on the white man as some god. What use do Central Asians have to trade a glorious history to be the whites of Europe? Lol

  13. we as humans do not need these kinds of ideas to separate ourselves from each other. we need unity. who gives a shit how you look like!!! there is a bigger picture to all this "talk". first off, aryan blood lines have spread to europe, and even to africa! the word caucasion comes from the caucus mountains. all the areas or countries around it have interbreeded. alot of these countries were all one. it was called ARIANA. land of the aryans. they dominated the world from day one . i shouldn't be proud that my ancestors had a cruel role in history. yes, we were beutiful people and we still are, but that doesnt justifiy alot of deaths. let's not carry the same way of thoughts! No one is better than the other because of their race ! i personaly think it is an insecure thing to do.
    also do some research. put good effort into it. understand what aryan means. half man and half super power. and also find out why caucus mountains is the base of aryans. clue. think frequencies. that area is not randomly chosen. not to disrespect anyone's religious belief, but we have to think outside the BOX. if we believe in other dimensions, which is even mentioned in our religious books... all of them, then we can slowly understand that there is another source that interbreeded with the people around the caucus mountains and started the Arian empire. ARIANA was all a combination of the modern farci speaking countries and other parts around it. it spread to europe, and we have aryan blood lines even in africa. there are alot of un answered questions in this world and WE are focused on some bullshit! ariana was the super power of the world. we were separated and departed and named something. alot of names for countries changed as the British/europe were taking over ariana. there are alot of things behind all this "talk". there is a secret society out there. either we are part of it or we are caught up in the mix of confusion. either we are part of the mass or the elite... and don't think money makes someone elite, because there are alot of dumb ass rich folks.
    so please atleast try not to think of riculous and negative thoughts. explore your minds, not tampor it... thanxxx ya'll

    sorry for any mispelling

  14. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Melissa Theuriau is 100pc french what does she has to do with persians ?

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  16. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Excuse me, do you have permission to post some of these photos on your slideshows? I just saw my cousin erfan on here, and he was in your azeri slideshow. We are both LOR and that is definately not an azeri ethnic group. Oh, and I'm showing him this link!

  17. Anonymous6:32 PM

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  18. Anonymous10:56 PM

    she still has that awful persian nose

  19. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Not all Persians look like that, we didnt even have that nose before, we had it long and hooked, we even have painting of our old Persians ancestors, none looked like her. You are racist and are trying to teach false things about us persians, i dont have a hook nose or anything but my ancestors did.
    Blonde didnt come until later in history, there was no such thing as blonde in Persia, that was only looked as a disease by us
    colored eyes? not everyone of us had colored eyes, our great Cyrus the Great NEVER had one, he even had dark CURLY hair with a "hook" nose, he also had "bushy" eyebrows. STOP SPREADING LIES YOU UGLY WHITE PIG, WE PERSIANS DO NOT LIKE YOU WHITE PIGS FROM EUROPE!!!!

  20. Anonymous9:42 AM

    how come none of them have CURLY hair, that is our TRUE hair, ours was NEVER straight, you white lying PIG, why dont you put ancient Persians on your blog, huh???





    not like your white wash european pigs!!!