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How do Azeris look like?

Is there an Azeri Blondism?

Azeris immigrated to Persia mainly in 15 century A.D. Persians lived in Persia for thousands of years before Azeris arrived in Persia. The Persian Empire was a creation of Persians and Azeris had no role in it. Hollywood depicts Azeris as the real Persians. Azeri Turks had never Zoarastriaan religion as other ethnic groups in Iran shared. So culturally Azeris are fundamentally very different from Persians and other natives of Iran. Culturally Azeris are related to the Azeri Turk culture in Caucasus. Persians have a central Asian culture related to Central Asia and Afghanistan. Islam had replaced Zoarastrianism before Azeris had arrived in Iran in 15 century A.D.

Wikepedia On Azerbaijan
(Wikepedia tries to create confusion, claiming even Swedes and Russians as the origin of Azeri Turcs)

Much has been debated about the racial, cultural and linguistic origin of the Azerbaijani people. It is difficult to disentangle national pride and ambition, imperial or political propaganda and good science.

Having said this, a fair number of historians consider the nation of Azerbaijani Turks the inheritants of ancient Iranian Medes. Others believe they are the descendants of various bodies of Turks, Scythians (Ishkuz), Cimmerians, Huns, Gokturks, Khazars, Barsils, Kurtugurs, Saragurs, Kipchaks and others.

The most commonly accepted view is that the Azerbaijani's are the result of a mixture of Iranian, Caucasian and Turkish waves of immigration. This is supported by the analysis of sources which shows that many different people and ethnic groups have settled in the region and have left their influences.

Are the Azeries turks are descendens of the Medes like the kurds?

"The Medes were an Iranian people of Indo-Iranian origin who lived in the western and north-western portion of present-day Iran. By the 6th century BC (prior to the Persian invasion) the Medes were able to establish an empire that stretched from Aran (the modern-day Republic of Azerbaijan) to Central Asia and Afghanistan. Today's population of the western part of the Iranian Plateau (including many Persian-speakers, Kurds and Azeris) consider themselves to be descended from the ancient Medes."

Note: Azeris speak "Persian" and Azeri consider themselves to be descended from the Ancient Medes (Medes are Kurds). Azeris also consider themselves to originate from Scythians. All this is false information provided by Wikepedia. Azeris are in reality descedant of those turkish tribes marked in brown above.

Azeri Turks claim that they have "intermarried" Iranians and therefore they are of "Iranian race". Firstly there is no Iranian race and there is no ethnic group in Iran called "Iranian". Nationals of Iran are called Iranian. Secondly Azeri Turks do not explain who were the "Iranians" that they "intermarried" with. Sometimes Azeris have "intermarried" Kurds, and other times they have intermarried Armenians more recently. Other times Azeris have intermarried Albanians who were original natives of Caucasus.

Also apparently "intermarriage" has not helped them very much as they look like as before classed as Armenoid types.

"Intermarriage" is a fairly tale explanation from today's New York projected into the past. The Reality is intermarriage breaks the structure of the tribe and destroys the tribe which conflicts with the living style in ancient times. Natives of Azerbaijan were either murdered or forced to move away from the region or as Kurds were sent in exile in millions to north eastern Iran.

Also Azeri Turks claim that they have "Iranian culture". Culture is specific. There is no "Iranian culture" in general. Azeri Turks do not have Persian or Kurdish culture as they claim. Their claim is based on being a nationals of Iran. Kurds have lived in Turkey for thousands of years and they are still Kurds. Same with Azeri Turks. Azeri Turks have the same Azeri Turk culture as before. Azeri Turks have been mainly in Iran since 15 century AD.

As Azeri Turks fail to prove that they are not turks, they are using now a different scheme. Hazaras who are afghan refugees and are of Mongolian origin have been moved to Khorasan and Azeri Turks are calling Persians who are the natives of Khorasan for Turks!!!!! This is based on the existence of Hazaras in Khorasan and also the strange way that Azeri Turks define a Turk. According to Azeri Turks a turk should look like a Mongol. In reality Mongols are not turks at all. Mongols are Mongols. The real turks are Azeri Turks. So Azeri Turks claim that Hazaras are "Persians" and secondly call them for Turks!!!!! This only shows that Azeri Turks lack any kind of intellectual honesty.

Seljuk Turks were the real origin of Azeris: Wikepedia is telling the truth here
The Seljuk Turks were a major branch of the Oghuz Turks and a dynasty that occupied parts of Central Asia and the Middle East from the 11th to 14th centuries. The Seljuks migrated from the north into Persia, fighting and conquering various tribes on their Transoxiana.

The Seljuk Turks are regarded as the ancestors of the Western Turks, the present-day inhabitants of Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

Azeris are 35-40% of Iran's population estimated at around 30 million people. Azeris actually control the the Tehran regime. The pictures above are the so called "Human Rights Activist" Shirin Ebadi (Azeri) and the former President Khatami of Iran. (Azeri).

Hollywood and Azeri "Blondism": A Case in forgery
Some people in Hollywood claim Azeris are blonds to mix up all ethnic groups and create confusion. These people have made a film to prove Azeri "blondism". Recently they have produced a film in a remote village in the middle of Azerbaijan surrounded by a mountain where people have blond hair and blue eyes and white skin. And they speak Azeri. Now these people are totally different in their physicall appearance from Azeris province. They look exactly like Persians. Because they are in a remote location, they have not mixed with the Azeri population. The simple explanation is that these people have replaced their persian language with Azeri language because they have ended up in the middle of Azerbaijan when Seljuk turks immigrated to this area. The producers of film do not mention in the film why if these are blond azeris, what is the reason that the rest of Azerbaijan do not look like this. And why they look like Persians? That was Azeri blondism.


  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Afghans are from Mongolia,
    That is why Turkish ex President Suleyman Demirel declared:
    All from the Great wall of China to Danub belongs to Turks and Turkey.
    Look at Afghan peoples faces, all Mongolian, yellow tribe, that is Turkish.
    Afghan General Dostum when visited Turkey about eleven years ago confessed this.
    Afghans are Mongolians.

  2. Mr. Noor Payam: have you looked at the slideshow for Afghans?? Uzbeks are only one minority.

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Yes I looked at all of them,
    in fact all Afghans look like mongolians to different degrees.
    History tells us Mongolians attacked and invaded Afghanistan several times and for long periods.

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Letz noook Norway, home of ozlonoor

  5. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Oslonor, your racist anti-Azeri shenanagan has gotten too far.
    "Persians are native, and Azeris came from nowhere"
    "Persians are naturally pretty, and Azeris are the ugly ones"
    "Persians strive for Westernization, and backward-ass Azeris won't let them"...

    Don't you think you went a little too extreme? You know, the fact that you have a Persian wife doesn't excuse you for badmouthing other ethnicities. First of all, it's not "Azeri Turks" but simply Azeris. They call them "Tork" in Iran merely to distinguish them from other Iranians pointing out their non-Iranic language. Secondly, Azeris didn't "arrive" to Iran in the 15th century. Those who arrived were the Seljuks, and they came in the 11th century, established a state, imposed their language and later dissolved in the local population creating Azeris. Whether you like it or not, it has been proven that Azeris carry genetic elements mostly from indigenous peoples of the region. And don't try to push your "Azeris are a bunch of Turks who have played no role in the history of Iran" next time you're in Iran - they'll rip you apart... Persians that is. As for the support of the regime, learn some history: an Azeri by the name of Sattarkhan fought to turn Iran into a constitutional monarchy in 1905. And another one by the name of Roshdiyeh first came up with the idea of European-style curriculum for Iranian schools in the 40s... I could go on, but I'm afraid to give your racist ass a heart attack.

  6. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Well said anonymous, this guy Oslonor is deluded and racist. As if his wife is renown middle-eastren historian, please. Talking of honesty, picking the prettiest Persians and the ugliest Turks does your claims no justice, a Turk has won miss. Europe before as well as miss.World. We have blond Turks as well as dark ones. get over yourself please.

  7. Anonymous11:35 PM

    "a remote village in the middle of Azerbaijan surrounded by a mountain where people have blond hair and blue eyes and white skin. And they speak Azeri. "

    People living in a remote village
    are most likely talking in their native tongues. "Supreme Aryan" Oslonor can reason with any logic.

  8. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Gosh, you must've been out of your mind, mannn... )) I know that we - TURKS were the ones to rule you throughout the centuries :) And I understand your anger. :) But I think it ain't nice to act like you're some sort of "british-looking", when that's not quite a case. since when people in the middle of the dessert are blonde, huh? :) You've always been dark-skinned gorillaz, since the very very very very early ages. And plz, stop your stupid propoganda indicating of nowadays Azerbaijani Turks' being some sort of so-called "persian tribe", or whatever... It's nothing, but your ugly propoganda to avoid the PAN-TURKIST spirit of the TURKS!!! Must've been really horroble to be surronded by the "ugly" Turks... And must've been even worse to be ruled by those uglies. ;) After Islam, you've never ruled, and after the arabs TURKS have always ruled ya!!! Anyways, wish u the best of luck. :) I'll see u in Tabriz, in the capital of the Greater Azerbaijan, when your Iran collapses pretty soon. :) Cheers!

    p.S! and your Ahmedi Nejad ain't the Turk. :) And u know that very well. He's the pure persian! Plz, don't put the ugliness of your ppl on the Turks. Good luck!

  9. Anonymous8:08 AM

    As a greek I want to tell you that Persians are good looking persons.
    Everywhere yoy'll find cute and ugly people.
    Sure your president is not a model but everywhere you can find one of a kind.

    By the way you are the only ones that you call "Alexander the cursed" and not "Alexander the Great" sorry to tell you that but we don't give any charactirization to Xerxes or Dareios.

    Take care

  10. Anonymous11:48 AM


    As an Azeri from the Republic from Azerbaijan, I can tell you very clearly that "Persians" with their "Aryan" features are the closest to Armenoids, not Azeris. Saying "Azeri Turks" doesn't indicate that all Azeris are Turks. Azeris are a proud nation of various ethnic backgrounds, ranging from blue eyed blonds to dark eyed brunettes, with variations in brightness and darkness in their skin colors. Having said that, what makes you think that your ignorant, prejudicial, stereotyping, judgmental and simply factually falsified uneducated "blogs" have anything to do with the origin of Azeris? I have yet to meet a "Persian" from Iran to have blue eyes and blond hair, with the exception of those who dye their hair blond. Those "Persians" are the biggest racists in the region with their fantasy of "aryanism." As we say in Azerbaijan, "I don't care who you are, what your religion is, or what you look like. Be a human being first." I'm proud to be an Azerbaijani and be a member of a diverse nation of different ethnic backgrounds. I'm a light complexed Azeri who has been described as a Spaniard, German, Dutch, Russian, Greek and Turkish looking. And the simple fact of the matter is, I could be either one of those. So take your stupid racist and prejudicial stereotypes to your local KKK chapter where they would fit better. It's pitiful that you spend your time brainwashing yourself and others with lies and inaccurate information. I could personally care less who is lighter and who is darker, but since you're so concerned about the color of people, as a racist person like you should, I will advise you to travel around a little bit, meet different people of different origins around the world. You just might miraculously discover that there is far more to life than our looks, ethnicities, religions, and races, just as a countless number of people have discovered by ignoring those artificially constructed barriers by racists like you and connecting with each other on a human, loving, caring, open minded and down to earth manner. Do something else with your life as it might just contribute to turning you into less of a fool! Get out of your little hater box and come back to earth. After all, does the fish really know what water is?!

  11. Anonymous6:57 AM

    i wanna fuck your lily withe (fake) ass persian mental ill gay

  12. Anonymous7:48 PM

    In fact, Azaris in Iran tend to have whiter skins and blue eyes. But does that really matter. What the F* is with this BS racist stuff.

    You are mental!
    I regret every bit of bandwidth you waste with your rubbish here.

    Post a real picture of you and you surely look like one of those olive skinned Parsis from near Yazd who loves to read Zoroastrian verses about how to dispose off your wife when she is on her period or the contracts in Avesta where woman is equal to an object.

  13. Anonymous4:13 PM

    You say that Aryans are originally blonde and have blue eyes, this doesn't make sense geographically speeking. Because the persians live in the south of Iran, which means the warmer part of Iran, where the people are usually darker skinned, etc. North of Iran where the Azeri's live is actually closer to Europe than the area where the Persians live. And the word caucasian is after the peoples of the Caucasus, and yes the Azer's live much closer to this area than the Persians. And I've seen many Iranians, I'm actually one of them, he people with light hair, skin and blue eyes are mostly Azeri's and less of them are Persians. My dad is Azeri and he has a far lighter skintone than my mom who is Persian. Even my mom say's that the blondes are usually found in the north of Iran. I don't know what drives you to this hate, but you seriously need to check your so-called facts.

  14. Anonymous6:51 AM


    I'm just wondering Oslonor... Where are you from? I know you are an American, but as we all know they are all immigrants, except for the Indans.

  15. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Okay, first of all, don't listen to this panturkist Oslonor, He's not Iranian/Persian nor norwegion as he claimes.

    Second, Azeris are only 20% of Iran, not 50% and there's no source to prove this. all sources say they are 20% of Iran. While Persians are 50% (Ifyou incude Persian sub-groups like Mazndaranis, tats, Gilakis, Lurs, and Bakhiaris, then Persians are 63% of Iran).

    Third, Azeris aren't racially Turkic, because they do NOT look Asiatic/asian, which the true Turks are. The azeris were mainly converted by the Ottoman Turks, so read your freaking history.

    The Iranians azeris are persified, meaning they mostly speak persian, practice Persian culture, Persian holidays (Like nowruz), Persian custom, values, eat Persian food, have Persian names, and most important thing of all is that they consider theirself Persian.
    Even the origin of their name is from middle-persian pahlavi: Azeri, which in old Persian means fire, and azerbeyjan means land of fire.

    Don't let pan-turks from North azerbeyjan (Not Iran if you didn't know) and Turks from Turkey fool you.

  16. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Noah's sons were: Ham, Shem and Japeth when they got off the ark on Mt. Ararat. If you want to nitpick bloodlines.
    I have travelled extensively including Iran and it doesn't really matter how you start, its how you finish.
    Finish well.
    Glory to JAH
    ps: plastic surgery on Persians is so widespread. who knows what they really look like in truth.

  17. Anonymous10:02 AM

    old empires in Iran Turkish empires saffaves Turks gajar Turks avshar Turks saljug Turks ......

  18. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Ottoman Turks identical Iranian Turks not difference becoz Iranian Turks and turkey Turks and Azerbaijani Turk 3 country family's with by together. (azari word) it's new word

  19. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Ararat not real name. real name Turkish (agri)

  20. Ramin7:02 PM

    Your stu** a*s doesn't know that many of those individuals whose photos you posted as being Azeri, are not Azeri and are not known to be Azeri by the people of Iran.

    Ahmadinejad = from Semnan, east of Tehran, far away from Azerbaijan

    Kamran, Hooman = they shout at every concert that they are PERSIAN!!! hehehe

    Arash = his parents are originally from south of Iran

    Shirin Ebadi = from Hamedan, close to Azerbaijan but no one knows for sure, and I don't see any problem with her looks anyway

    The other unknown individuals like that newly-weds, street boys, students, etc...most of them actually look like the so called "white race" than many PERSIANS!!!

    So I advice you not to go deep and deep becoz, you will be drawn in your own sh**.

    Go get some psychological help and try to enjoy the rest of your useless life...

  21. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Continue the good work, dont allow the azeris to be as sacred cows like the khazars.


  22. Do the Azeri ride magic carpets?